5 Ways To Stylishly Wear Pajamas in Public

They were only acceptable during the night, in the comforts of the four corners of your bedroom, and worn while you take your beauty slumber. Now, pajamas are getting more and more exposed to two kinds of light: the daylight and the fashion spotlight. Fashion designers have taken to our trusty sleepwear to create a new and literal definition for the trending “I woke up like this” look.

pajama pants mix print | Aelida

Let’s face it, though. There is something unruly-chic and tastefully sordid in wearing loungewear. And if there was one thing that we could count on the colder seasons, it’s that more heightened urge to take a cozy nap on a soft couch and besides a warm fireplace. Pajamas reflect that urge.

But pulling off wearing pajamas in public isn’t a cakewalk. Here’s some helpful tips on how to wear pajamas stylishly.

The Night Robe

Among all the kinds of sleepwear clothing, the robe is the one that gets exposed to a lot of people. You get out to fetch the mail and that’s what you wear, you open the door to see who’s knocking and that’s what you wear. It’s the very house clothes that you cover the rest of your house clothes on. And people have been using it as an new blazer. If you have those bold-colored silk kind, then I suggest pairing it with basic clothes underneath.

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The Pajama Set

The pajama set would come off as the hardest sleepwear to pull off in public. But really, if you pick out a set that has a solid color or a clean pattern and is not too loose on you, then you could work on that pajama set. Wearing heels with the pajama set will dress up the casualness that the outfit exudes. You can also wear a well-tailored coat or blazer over to balance out the looseness of the matching set.

blue pajama set | Aelida matching pajama set | Aelida

The Pajama Pants

I would say that the pajama pants is the easiest sleepwear clothes to pull off in public. For one thing, they look like wide-legged pants. You can even wear them for a business casual meeting–especially the silk ones. They have a dressed up look to them because of the fabric they are made of. But even with how easy they are to pull off, I would suggest those who just started to add their pajamas to their day wardrobe to keep it subtle. Go for muted colors and neat patterns and pair them with neutral colors before you decide on going bold.

Olivia Munn printed pajama pants and crop top | Aelida lavender pajama pants | Aelida

The Pajama Shirt

Some elements of a usual pajama top would be similar to a typical shirt that you would wear. And this is where your jeans would come into play. You want to pick out the perfect jeans to match with the pajama top. A pajama shirt that slightly flares around the hemline is great for either flared jeans and skinny ones. But if the top is very loose on you, I highly recommend tucking it in.

pajama top and flared jeans | Aelida floral pajama shirt | Aelida

The Slip Dress

Nothing gives out a more allure look than the slip dress. It’s got its sexiness in the combination of lace accents and thin silk. The dress is actually a great date night outfit when worn with blazer or leather jacket. The blazer will add to the sexy appeal of the dress while the leather jacket will give an additional edginess to the outfit.

slip dress and leather jacket | Aelida black slip dress and blazer | Aelida