5 Ways To Wear Metallics During the Day

With the coming of the cold seasons comes the long array of holidays. And holidays, with all its celebratory atmosphere and energy, just gives us the best excuse to wear metallic clothes. Admit it; some of you rely on the holidays so that you can take out that funky metallic top that’s been buried underneath your wardrobe the whole year.

Well, guess what, folks? The holidays may still be a couple of months away but the rise of metallic clothes have been around for a while already. But this is critical. You want to be careful not to look like you’re going to a club when you’re actually going to a cafe for a business meeting. Here are 5 ways to wear metallic clothes during the day and incorporate them into your 9-to-5 outfits.


You honestly don’t want to go for bold printed clothes in metallic during the day. Keep those for evening events. Instead, stick to clothes in solid colors. You can even be free to wear light colors such as blush or canary yellow that are in metallic. These slightly dull hues will offset with the abundance of glimmer and shine from the metallic element of the garment–making it wearable for the day.

metallic pink pants | Aelidametallic pencil skirt | Aelida


Here’s another easy way to wear metallics during the day: wear it with neutral colored clothes. In relation to sticking to solid colors mentioned above, you have to know the right colors to wear with metallics. This is playing safe in the most positive way the phrase could be since thinking of colors to wear with metallic clothes can be so tricky and risky. You have to know that not a lot of colors are compatible with metallic clothes so just know that neutrals are your best and easiest bet.

metallic skirt in black and white outfit | Aelida

metallic top in all-black outfit | Aelida


For metallic clothes to “blend in” with your daytime outfit, you have to keep both your metallic garment of choice and the outfit in its entirety to be simple. You don’t want ruffles and fringes and any other complicated cuts and tailoring. The metallic nature of the clothing will be enough statement going for the outfit. And it will be the centerpiece of your ensemble.

metallic pleated skirt | Aelidametallic blazer | Aelida


Metallic mini skirts or crop tops or shorts are usually seen as club-appropriate. If you’re planning to add some metallic element to your daytime outfit, you want to avoid minis. Go for garments like a pair of pants or midi-length skirts instead. These will fit well with your 9-to-5 outfit and can even be worn for work.

metallic midi skirt | Aelidametallic pants | Aelida


Really, the one thing that you will need when you plan to wear metallic clothes during the day is confidence. Your self-confidence will have a big impact to how you deliver yourself and your outfits. But if you are still hesitating with joining the metallic trend, then start out small. Start with incorporating metallic accessories like bags and shoes into your daytime outfits and climb up from there.

Miley Cyrus metallic crossbody bag | Aelidametallic oxford shoes | Aelida