6 Fall- And Winter-ready Ways To Wear Tights

One of the staple pieces in winter, one that a wise fashion girl will certainly have in her wardrobe, is a pair of tights. You could be wearing anything, and I mean anything, from the most winter-y clothes to the garments that simply screams “Summer!” and make those ensembles appropriate for winter. Just by slipping on a cozy pair of tights.

Tights are also functional. With tights, you can wear shorts, mini skirts and dresses without worrying about the cold air of winter freezing your legs. Here are 6 fall- and winter-ready ways to wear tights this coming winter.


By wearing tights underneath, you can wear any dress you want and make it suitable for winter. The fact that you can pull off bright sundresses when it is not spring or summer really proves how much tights could affect the entire outfit.dress and tightslacy white dress and tights


Just like dresses, you can also pull off those mini skirts that are commonly worn during the warmer seasons to fall and winter. Tights also add an ounce of conservativeness to the overall outfit, especially when you are donning a mini skirt. As for midi skirts, wearing tights underneath gives off this classy and vintage ladylike feel that is just perfect for your typical holiday outfits.

mini skirt and tights

midi skirt and tights


Shorts worn with tights are, like everything else mentioned above, a classic combination. They are not only worn during the fall and winter but some people actually have this combo part of their everyday wardrobe. You could pull off a grunge and punk ensemble with a ripped tights. But during the colder seasons, it’s best to go for thicker and more opaque tights.

denim shorts and tights leather shorts and tights


We’ve discussed earlier in the year that tunics and tights are classic outfit combinations. Tunics are too long to be regular shirts and too short to be dresses but they are the perfect length for wearing tights–or leggings for that matter. Tunics also have the perfect length to wear both tights and knee-high boots at the same time.

gray tunic and tights


Rompers are more often used during the summer and spring as they are usually made of lighter and breezier fabrics like cotton. But if you layer rompers underneath a jacket and wear them with tights, they will be fall- and winter-ready.

yellow romper and tights romper and tights


Tights are not only limited to the one color it is known of–black. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, tights in bright and neon colors were a huge hit in the fashion industry. And now, it is back on the trends. You have two ways to pull off colored tights and get away with it looking stylish. You can have the rest of your outfit be in neutral colors so as not to disrupt the color harmony. Or you can also find complementary or analogous colors to match with the colored tights.

red colored tights green colored tights