6 Winter Pieces You Can Still Wear For Spring

We, fashion forward femmes, really love to wear functional and stylish clothes that are perfect for every season. But what some of us, lazy ladies, are tired and worried of are when we start to transition and change our wardrobes from one season to the next. And the thing is, we just love to mix them all up during those transitioning periods.

Just like now.

If someone told you at you can’t wear a winter clothes for spring, then they certainly haven’t went out of their caves for at least the last decades. Because, ladies, you certainly can wear those winter clothes for spring–at least during the transitional days when the weather is still not warming up to summer.

Here are 6 winter pieces that you can wear for spring.

Leather Jacket

Among all the classic winter clothes, leather jacket is probably among the first ones to be fashionably worn all year round. It’s a great outerwear and adds an ounce of edginess to any kind of outfit. For spring, you can go for the classic black leather jacket or, to have the feel of the spring season, you can also opt for a leather jacket in pastel colors and light shades. These leather jackets would be perfect to wear on day outfits during spring when the days are slowly getting brighter and yet you still need jacket because there are still leftover chills from the winter.

brown leather jacket

red leather jacket and dress

Maxi Dresses

Last year’s fall and winter seasons, the streets and runways alike were showered with the abundance of maxi dresses, something that we all were delightfully surprised to see become a trend. It is very unlikely to wear dresses and skirts without tights or leggings during fall and winteer because we have to keep our bottom halves warm and cozy. But with the maxi skirt silhouette emerging into the trend, we were able to unlish our skirt-loving selves during the cold seasons. Now, you’d still be able to wear your maxi dresses for spring. For now, I suggest going for maxi dresses that are neither too heavy that are usually worn for winter nor too light that are usually worn for summers.

silky maxi dress

vintage floral maxi dress


This pair of bottoms is essential in fall and winter especially when you are going to wear skirts, shorts and dresses during the cold seasons. But did you know that you can wear them in the early days of spring season, too? Yes, you can. But to have that bubbly and light spring feeling, I would suggest going for a more translucent pair and match it up with pieces with bursts of colors.

tights and shortalls

dress and tights

Trench Coat

Here is another outerwear that were, once upon a time, only worn during the cold weathers of fall and winter. But now, like leather jackets, trench coat has become a timeless all year round outerwear. While leatther jacket is all about the added edginess, trench coat gives the wearer this effortless chic feel to any outfit she layer it over. Go for light and pastel colored trench coats, just like in leather jackets, to give out the spring-y feel to your outfit.

coat and dress

cream trench coat


Like leather jacket and trench coat, even boots, that were used for cold and rainy seasons a long long time ago is now used all year round. For spring, I would suggest opting for calf-length or ankle boots and keep your knee high and over the knee ones to your attic where you keep the rest of your winter wardrobe pieces.

boots and skirt

ankle boots and pants


Unlike boots, leather jackets and trench coats, using scarves during the warmer seasons isn’t a common idea for a long while. But with the emergence of neck scarves and thin, light scarves the possibility of wearing scarves during spring and summer is getting more highly likely. No, scratch that. It is possible already. So look up for those thin and light scarves, ladies. You might need that more than statement necklaces this season.

skinny scarf

bright scarf