7 Different Looks You Can Have With Cardigan Today

If there was one particular casual outerwear that every fashion girl owns, it is cardigan. Cardigans are wearable all year round in any season and in any event. Wherever you may be headed to, the simplistic design and utter comfort of wearing a cardigan will always be suitable and appropriate.

Another great thing about cardigan is how versatile it is, style-wise. Different fashion girls with different personal style have at least one cardigan in their wardrobe that is staple to their everyday look. Whether you are going for the edgy grunge look or a softer and more feminine classy one, there is sure to be a look with cardigan that you can wear. Here are 7 different looks that you can have with cardigan today.


For a modern look, you want to go for classic and timeless pieces that are sleek. This goes the same with your cardigan. Pick a cardigan with a contemporary tailoring. If you are opting for printed cardigan, go for classic patterns like stripes.

modern cardigan look cardigan modern outfit


Office outfits are often layered with sleek and well-tailored blazer. But if you’re opting for a softer and more dressed down look, cardigan is the one for you. A solid black cardigan is the most ideal cardigan for work but you can also go for patterns that are classic.

cardigan business outfit

  business outfit cardigan


You would think that you can not pull off an edgy look with cardigans but you actually could. It’s all about what cardigan you will be wearing and what pieces you will incorporated into the outfit. In that case, those loose and dark colored cardigans are your best choices.

edgy cardigan outfit velvet cardigan grunge look


Lazy, bed-to-brunch looks has certainly arisen recently. And you can incorporate cardigans into outfits for this particular look. I highly suggest picking cardigans made of wool or anything loose that create that pajama feel to them.

cardigan outre outfit outre cardigan look


There are certain cardigans that are in tribal prints. Besides, tribal printed outfits are getting popular too especially if the patterns consist mostly of dark colors that are fitting for the colder seasons. For this, you don’t want to overwhelm the entire outfit so letting the tribal printed cardigan be the centerpiece of your outfit is a great move. Keep the rest of your clothes basic.

tribal print cardigan tribal cardigan outfit


Boho is one of the looks here that is seamless to wear cardigans with. That is because cardigans have this natural flowiness and breeziness to them that matches the atmosphere of a Bohemian fashion. With boho look, you can choose the more obvious boho-inspired cardigans like lacy or crochet ones or those that are less obvious like stripes.

boho lacy cardigan boho chic cardigan look


Cardigans are basically the flagship outerwear of the preppy style. In a preppy look, the cardigan is its natural clean yet soft aura. The academic feel to the look is apparent and the overall outfits are usually impeccable.

preppy outfit cardigan cardigan preppy outfit