8 Must-Have Jackets For Your Fall Wardrobe

We all know that the moment fall season kicks in, so does the chills. And when the chills kick in, our composure is disrupted. That’s basically the main purpose of outerwear clothes–to keep us warm and cozy and still be able to carry on with our daily lives during the cold seasons.

But we, the fashion fans, have such love for the aesthetic and outerwear garments like jackets are no exceptions. Besides, it does not hurt to be cozy and still look fashionably stylish, right? Thus, I give you these 8 must-have jackets that should be present in your fall wardrobe.

  • IN YOUR JEANS – An easy way to go all-out casual and comfortably warm this fall and winter is to wear a denim jean. Take the cue of Jessica Alba and slip this menswear-inspired outerwear over a fairly feminine outfit, like, say, a flowing dress.

Jessica Alba denim jacket outfit | Aelida

denim jacket outfit | Aelida

  • JUST BUSINESS – For your work outfit, grab a well-tailored suit jacket in a simple yet sleek design. This will give the impression that people must take you seriously while still maintaining the fact that, yes, you’re a woman–a strong woman.

black and white blazer | Aelida

gray blazer | Aelida

  • GREAT INVESTMENT – It’s a given that during those transitional days between the end of summer and the start of fall, there are slight chills already felt. But not enough that you have to go all-out on your layering. For these times, invest yourself in a chic vested jacket. It helps with the little coldness, not so bulky on the arms, and incredibly stylish.

sleeveless vest jacket | Aelida

leather vest jacket | Aelida

  • NATIONAL PARKA – I always found that parkas give a certain sense of pure street style fashion. Maybe it’s the usually ragged-chic and functional element of typical street style outfits. Or maybe it’s the fur-lined hood of a usually utility-styled jacket. Either way, a parka is simply imperative on your fall wardrobe.

cream parka | Aelida

black parka | Aelida

  • CAPE TOWN – Caped coats and cape jackets have almost the same functionality with vested jackets. Their difference lies on their common design or silhouette. Where vested jackets bares the entirety of your arms, caped jackets often cover your forearms. Also, caped are generally lighter than most vests. They also give a more classy and feminine feel to them.

gray cape jacket | Aelida

buttoned cape jacket | Aelida

  • SWEET IN SUEDE – Suede has really amped it up this year. Being one of the most used textiles for most designers in their Spring/Summer collections. And this lovely and delicate fabric will be here to stay for fall.

red suede moto jacket | Aelida

brown suede jacket | Aelida

  • RAGGED DOWNTOWN – Ragged downtown is simply a style of jacket that are common elements of an edgy-styled outfit. Moto jackets and leather jackets used before by bikers and tough street people decades ago are jackets you can incorporate in a ragged-chic look.

green moto jacket | Aelida

uniqlo leather jacket | Aelida

  • CLASSY UPTOWN – Where ragged downtown is more…well, ragged and edgy. These jackets leans more on their obvious classiness and uptown feel. These are jackets or blazers that have neat lines and simple yet polished tailoring and oftentimes give off an elegant feel to an ensemble–especially since they are outerwear clothings.

classy patterned jacket | Aelida

black jacket with geometric prints | Aelida