Four Fresh Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt has been endorsed by so many fashion icons and it’s not at all that difficult to see why. Pencil skirts are very feminine and when you see them at first you’ll have the impression that they’d make for a good office skirt. However, a pencil skirt so much more than just your typical day to day work skirt. It can also be worn in different ways with different styles. With the right style and design and when paired with the right top and accessories, a pencil skirt can be casual, formal, dressy, sexy, chic and sleek. Here are some fresh ways you could wear pencil skirts outside of the work place.

  • Wear with a peplum top – for a feminine take on the ‘business casual’ look, you can wear a pencil skirt with a peplum top. This outfit combination gives the illusion that you have a tinier waist which is perfect for curvy girls and it also helps heaps if you lack curves because it produces an instant hourglass shape for your body. It’s very girly and chic but it also has a sleek professional look to it. Wear the same color top and skirt and add a belt to achieve the look of a full peplum dress.

peplum pencil skirt and belt peplum top and pencil skirt peplum top and skirt

  • Go for leather pencil skirts – if you’re a big fan of leather skirts but are tired of the old flippy, flare-y skirts and leather skater skirts, why not try to go for a leather pencil skirt this time? A leather pencil skirt is very sleek and chic. It is also figure flattering and it goes well with almost anything you could have in your closet from lace to leather to wool.

leather pencil skirt leather skirt

  • Wear with a belt – pencil skirts do not normally come with belt hoops where you can insert your belt in to but that’s fine because wearing a belt with your pencil skirt is not necessarily for securing it but rather just for accentuating the hips and the waist. A belted pencil skirt gives the illusion of a tinier waist, especially when you have your top tucked in.

belted skirt outfit belted skirt belted pencil skirt

  • Printed pencil skirt – the reason why most people think pencil skirts are just for the office is because they’re often made in plain colors like that of office uniforms. Wear a pencil skirt and achieve a fun, laidback and casual look by choosing one that has a nice print on it. The prints will dress down your pencil skirt and make it look less uniform-y.

printed pencil skirt printed leopard pencil skirt