Gorgeous Celebrities in Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are by far the sexiest stocking designs ever created for women. They were once a choice for punk and goth fashion, but now, there are considered a mainstream fashion statement worn by women who are ready to exude sexiness and fierce. Celebrities were not exempted from using fishnet stockings and in fact, more celebrities were seen wearing fishnet stockings in not-so-ordinary days for that sexy look. If you want to use your sexy fishnet stockings like celebrities, here are some of the celebrities in fishnet stockings with their unique looks that you can surely duplicate:

Girls in fishnet stockings always look very sexy. For instance, Carmen Electra attends an event in her unique sexy outfit with unique fishnet stockings.

Carmen Electra Fishnet StockingsIn another event using the same corset design, Carmen wears another set of fishnet stockings proving that she’s into wearing them during times that she need to look sexy and fierce.

CARMEN ELECTRA in Fishnet StockingsWho says cute don’t go with fishnet stockings? Well, Britney Spears in her cute and pretty orange lace top and trendy shorts seems to be very comfortable in her fishnet stockings. So if you want to pair a pretty attire with fishnet stockings, you can do so if you still want to go away with a very ‘hooky’ look.

Britney Spears Fishnet Stockings

Speaking of looking pretty and a little bit sexy, Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl wears a cute skirt and a coat using her thigh high fishnet stockings.

Taylor Momsen Fishnet Stockings

Miley Cyrus also defines fishnets as funky pieces during ordinary days buy doning her fishnets with her simple tank top and shorts.

Miley Cyrus Fishnet Stockings

In case you are attending a club party or a sexy night event, fishnet stockings also look good with black corsets.

Tina Fey Fishnet Stockings

Jennifer Hudson complements her sweet semi-formal attire with her unique fishnet stockings. Instead of baring your legs, using a fishnet stockings  can really add attraction to your legs.

Jennifer Hudson Fishnet stockings

For a simple and laid back style, donning your conventional fish net is also very gorgeous. Eva Mendez uses her long shirt over her fishnet stockings. When going out, just don’t forget to use cute shorts or skirt.

Eva Mendez Fishnet Stockings

Going away from the classic black fishnet stockings, Beyonce uses a skin-toned fishnet stockings in a concert. Look how the sheer stockings add attraction to the legs instead of using a plain nude stockings or a black fishnet.

Beyonce Fishnet stockingsAlthough this outfit of Lady Gaga may seem to be too much for ordinary and non-showbiz girls, you can actually use the large fishnet stockings along with a dress or a skirt. Lady Gaga Fishnet StockingsFishnet stockings can be really stylish and gorgeous and using them does not mean that you are ready to do crazy stuff. Just pair the fishnets with decent outfits and you can turn fishnets into something that can be used to turn an ordinary day or night to an extra-ordinary one.