How To Get Away With Wearing Oversized Clothes

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, women were used to wear clothes that are fit and well-tailored to their body. Slouchy and loose clothes were not for the ladies at those times. And even now, there are still some women who are hesitant on wearing oversized clothes for the initial fear of looking unstylish.

While bigger may not always mean better, a few oversized pieces on your wardrobe could help in creating a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere for any kind of outfits. The trick is to not go for an all-baggy ensemble that could swamp up your figure and hide it in thick layers of unnecessary bulk. Instead, pick one oversized article of clothing and know the right and perfect matches for it. Here are some tips on how to get away with wearing oversized clothes.


Having the top part of your attire as the oversized one has numerous advantages. First of it is the fact that it’s far easier to get away with wearing and nailing an outfit with an oversized piece. You usually just need something sleek and tightly fit on the bottom to pair with our oversized top. Also, oversized top has the effortless effect of being a great loose tunic or dress. What happens with this is that you could then layer it between two slim-fit pieces, an outerwear and the bottoms.

For oversized shirts, you want to roll up or cuff your sleeves. This technique will show off your arms and lessen the bulkiness around them–and as a result, to the entire outfit. During the warmer seasons, you could keep the top two buttons open while you want to button it all up during fall and winter.

oversized shirt and leather pants | Aelida

oversized denim shirt and pointy heels | Aelida

Meanwhile, you want to do differently when it comes to oversized sweaters. Slouchy sweaters are absolutely wonderful for the colder seasons since the knits will go well with the low temperature and create a warm and fluffy look on the wearer. For this, I suggest not rolling up your sleeves.

oversized sweater and pants | Aelida

Oversized sweaters are usually made of thick fabrics and to gather the sleeves around your elbows will create an even bulkier look–especially to those of you with a pair of well-toned upper arms. Let those sleeves hang freely on your arms and at most, fold it over your wrist to lessen the hassle if you want. Else, you can just let your hands be hidden underneath. Either way, you’d look adorably gorgeous.

oversized sweater and knee socks | Aelida


Oversized outerwear have the tendency to not look oversized at first sight. You might even think that all common outerwear are oversized but they are not. You’d know if the jacket or coat is oversized simply if the shoulder line is broader than yours. And while those oversized coat will keep you warm, you don’t want to look too wrapped up around them. Keep your inner outfit sleek and polished and let your outerwear to the talking.

oversized vest and cropped pants | Aelida

gray oversized coat | Aelida

oversized suit jacket outfit | Aelida

You could even play it up and look flirty in them by wearing something shorter than its hemline like a mini skirt or shorts during warmer days.

oversized varsity jacket | Aelida


Oftentimes, it is harder to look great in an oversized pants compared to oversized tops. There are so many possible problems such as looking short in the process. And for someone as short as Kim Kardashian, it truly is a wonder how well she could get away with wearing baggy pants.

Kim Kardashian baggy pants

The trick we’ve learned from Kim? Do the exact opposite of the oversized-top-slim-bottom technique. When it comes to uber-baggy pants, you want to pair it with something uber-fit. The bonus part of this technique is that, as a result, you will create an hourglass silhouette that is just so alluring and sexy.

baggy pants and crop top | Aelida

Otherwise, you could go for a boyish look with a loose top. Just remember to wear a lightweight or slightly thin top to go along with your bottoms made of thick fabric.

cuffed boyfried pants | Aelida


Basically, the best things to pair with oversized clothes are sleek and form-fitting clothes. These give both a contrasting effect and balances the figure of your attire what with your oversized piece. With all the slouchiness, you want to look for a sharp piece. It may even be a good pair of pointy pumps or a structured bag.

bright red oversized coat | Aelida

fur vest and mini skirt | Aelida