How To Nail The Sandals With Socks Trend

I’ve previously mentioned how fashion have taken inspiration to so many unexpected places and that our grandmother’s wardrobe was one of them. The sandals with socks trend is one of them. Known before as a fashion faux pas, today the sandals with socks style technique is anything but. And you’ve got fashion designers and the amazing array of fashion mavens to thank for that.

Well, we have to admit. There is a certain classic chicness when one wears socks while wearing sandals. And the bonus part is that it can actually warm those toes during colder seasons. If you know how to do this fashion technique stylishly, you can actually get away with it.

Here’s how to nail the sandals with socks trend.

  • Wear the same color of sandals and socks
    This one is a fairly easy trick that you can do. It channels your inner Audrey Hepburn, too, as you try to create this vintage-y, classy and chic ensemble. Try mixing up those uniform colored sandals and socks with a combination of modern and vintage pieces. A simple dress in a classy patterned prints and a sleek sunglasses or a classy high-waisted shorts and a structured bag.

black sandals and sockswhite sandals and white socks

  • Go for the light-dark contrasting technique
    You can make both of your sandals and socks stand out while still looking good together by having each of both in colors that either complement, contrast, or monochromatic with each other. One of which will be in a lighter shade while the other in a darker shade. An example of this light-dark technique will be to pair up a nude or skintone sandals with a pair of socks in deep red color. The result is elegant and it will seem like they match together.

light socks and dark sandals

socks and sandals outfit

  • Opt the classic color combination of BNW
    The black and white color combination is a classic and effortlessly gorgeous combination that has a streak of versatility on a high level of its own. However, for using this color combination in the sandals-with-socks style, you have to be careful about looking like a schoolgirl. Have the sandals white and socks black for a safer route. But if you do try the black sandals and white socks road, go for a preppy look.

white sandals black socks

black sandals and white socks

  • Dare to go bold with your socks’ color
    If you do try this shoe technique, you have to know that you are treading in a fragile ground and the smallest mistake will make that shoe style swamp up your entire outfit. That’s a harsh truth, I know. So if you’re brave enough to even try this style, might as well go all-out with your boldness by letting those socks be the centerpiece of your outfit. Wear every basic and neutral-colored clothes that will look good together and pick up the funkiest, most daring colored socks that you have.
    As a result, this will make those bold socks the central point of your outfit and will add an atmosphere of fun to any outfit you will incorporate with it.

bright blue socks

bold pink socks

  • Don’t be afraid of wearing printed or multi-colored socks
    Never let the fear of looking like a kid wearing printed socks get to you. Printed and multi-colored socks will create that funky statement on your entire outfit. So long as you keep your outfit either all basic and neutral or analogous or complementary to a color or more in your printed socks.

open-toe flats and two-toned socks

Sarah Jessica Parker printed socks