How to wear Fashion Leggings in a Chic Way

Well, fashion leggings are one of the most fancied pieces today because they seem to go with most tops and they also leave your legs seamlessly perfect. However, you won’t like using them in the wrong way because fashion tights and leggings are also one of the pieces that can make you look hilarious when you wear them with wrong wardrobes and shoes. To help you look chic and stunning in your fashionable leggings, here are some of the rules to follow when wearing these tight ‘pants’:

Wear tops that are long enough

When you plan to use your leggings, it is way better to use a top that is long enough to cover your behind, hips and stomach, but not long enough like a long dress. Remember that tights are not pants so the most appropriate tops to use are those that don’t reveal your tight fitted buttocks. Tops should end somewhere on the middle of the thighs or just above the knees.

 Vanessa Hudgens wears a pretty top on top of her black leggings. Vanessa Hudgens leggingsThis fashion leggings for women look good on this layered top with a pretty cardigan.

Fashion leggingsWear something that is flowy

Aside from getting a long top to cover your buttocks, it is also a rule that when wearing fashion tights, your top should also look flowy and not ‘tight’ like your leggings. Wearing very tight tops with your leggings will just make you look like cat woman.

This white dressy top is a good fit for a black fashion leggings.

Flowy tops for fashion leggings

This cute grey blouse is also very chic with the lace leggings.

Lace tightsGet fashion trends leggings in different colors and styles

If you are fond of fashion leggings, you might as well use various colors to break the monotony of using black (although black is very classic and chic). Doing this will allow you to use your leggings as often as possible without seeming to use a black leggings more than once in a week. Bandage leggings are also trendy pieces of leggings to break the boredom of using plain leggings.

Instead of getting black leggings, you can also get colored and printed tights for a more stylish look.

Unique leggingsBandage leggings are also very fashionable. You can use them alone or with printed leggings underneath for added design and fun.

Bandage leggingsUse the right footwear

The right footwear is also a plus in fashion leggings. A low heel, boots and flats always look cute and appropriate with tights.

Boots look very elegant with black leggings and coats

Coats and leggings

You can also use your regular flats or slippers when going out with your leggings.

Leggings and dresses with leggingsPut leggings under skirts and dresses

Aside from using them with longer tops, you can also use your leggings under skirts and dresses for that dressy feel.

For a more layered style, you can use your top and skirt with your plain or printed leggings.Leggings and skirtsThese celebrities really know how wot use their leggings with their dresses.

Fashion leggings and dressesUsing fashion leggings the right way is an important fashion style so wear your leggings with the right top, skirt, dress or shoes.