How To Wear Robe Coat: Fall’s Unexpected Trend

You could never have enough with surprising trends that arises every year, every season, even. Robe coats were one of those things we see housewives in 60s movies wear when they pick up the mail or the newspaper or the milk from the suburban driveway of their suburban house. Most even have rollers on their head. And during those times, robe coats are usually made of either terrycloth or silk-and-lace.

But now, robe coats has made a comeback and it doesn’t limit only to bath towel or lingerie textiles. Designers have come up with robe coats in wool, cotton, suede, cashmere…basically anything! You have the choice of wearing something comfortable and light or polished and cozy.

“But why consider robe coat?” you might ask. Well, here’s the thing about robe coats: the greatest thing a robe coat could ever give you is that splendid defining factor to your waist when the coat is cinched around you. Robe coats not only gives you the polished look while keeping you warm and cozy. When tied, robe coats could really emphasize your waistline and give you that curve that you would want. And this one’s really gives a favor to those body types with subtle curves.

Like any other kind of long coats, you could wear robe coats in several ways. Firstly, you can take up a classic camel-colored robe coat and wear it over anything, whether your outfit is casual or dressy, since camel is quite a versatile color.

camel robe coat

brown robe coat

You might also want to brighten up or put a color to the dull atmosphere that usually comes with cold weather. So grab a bright or colorful robe coat and slip them on. You might want to keep the rest of your outfit neutral to harmonize and let the robe coat stand out.

bright pink robe coat

burgundy robe coat

It is even advisable that when wearing bright colored robe coat, or any long coat for that matter, that you will wear a monochromatic or all-black outfit underneath it. This actually adds to the chicness of the coat.

blue sleeveless robe coat over all-black outfit

red robe coat over monochromatic outfit

And if you are in the mood to be daring and bold, why don’t you opt for a printed robe coat? It’s really wonderful these days when the fall season has yet to settle completely and there are some days when the sun still shines brightly. Whether you’re opting for a bohemian-inspired print or tribal print, anything will do that suits your style.

floral printed robe coat

tribal printed robe coat

Another thing, is that you could have a shorter length robe coat that will serve as some kind of alternative for your top. It could range from being a tunic to a simple waist-length one.

robe coat as top

gray robe coat as tunic Karlie Kloss

Now that we’ve covered up the basic styling schemes that you could with robe coat, here are some ways to wear robe coat that makes it a must-have for this coming fall. One thing that you can do with robe coat that you cannot do for most of the other kinds of coat is to create a faux dress look. Other coats usually have a more stiff figure that does not allow for a soft drapey dress look that some robe coats could.

robe coat as dress

white robe coat as dress

Speaking of stiff tailored coats, there are also robe coats made of that same stiff and tailored design. Now this is where it gets better. You have two options for stiff robe coats. My favorite one is to use that attached belt and tie it snugly around your waist. That slight disturbance of the straight and neat line of the coat around the waist area softens the stiffness and polished look of the robe coat–a trick that I absolutely love.

tailored white robe coat belted

tailored gray robe coat belted

The other option is that you could just leave the belt hanging, if you want.

tailored black robe coat

tailored white robe coat

Another brilliant feat that makes robe coat more stylish than other coats is the fact that you can wear those robe coat made of lightweight and cottony material as a long cardigan. Especially when the robe coat is of kimono-styled, the result is an instant chic outfit.

robe coat as cardigan

floor-length robe coat as cardigan