Printed Tights for Women

Tights are very fashionable and every woman should have it. As much as plain, black and colored tights are essential pieces, it cannot be denied that printed tights come in very chic designs and they are considered great outfits that will not only make you have a very stylish look, but will also turn the heads of by passers as they see the unique prints in your sexy legs.

Printed leggings can indeed enhance your everyday look and we have thousands of available prints to choose from. To help you get unique girl’s printed tights, here are some of the very stylish and unique designs that I came across with:

Probably the most popular designs are animal print tights because they create a very fierce look on your legs. Among the animal prints, leopard print tights are very famous and almost every celebrity was seen wearing them. Aside from leopard tights, cheetah print tights are other variations of the spotted animal designs.

This leopard print tights in grey is very sexy and unique

Leopard print tightsSo much with spots, striped zebra print tights are also very fashionable. This red zebra leggings are a head-turner and they look very attractive as the red background highlights the gorgeous zebra prints.

Red Zebra printed tightsFor women who prefer multicolor, this peacock-inspired printed tights is a good pick. Matched with a black dress or top, this printed tights will surely make people turn their heads on you as you walk.

Peacock print tights

If you are looking for unique, yet more subtle animal prints, this tights with ant prints is really very distinctive. The prints look like real ants crawling in your legs that would make people go crazy about it.

Ants printsNow, if you want cute prints, how about getting this cute pink tights with charming cats? Surely, this printed tights can also make cat lovers as well as pretty ladies look for similar tights for them as they see you.

Cute printed tightsAside from animal prints, floral print tights are also pretty and stylish. This grey tights with exceptional floral prints looks very elegant and stunning.

Subtle printed tights

For a more feminine look, this pretty floral prints can also be a good choice. Match the flowers in pink and old rose with a pretty blazer.

Floral print tights

If you are looking for more conventional and subtle designs, this simple printed tights can also be an option for regular outdoor or indoor activities.

Pretty printed tightsPlanning to flatter the opposite sex? Then, using this heart print tights looks very attractive and pretty especially when matched with a pretty skirt.

Heart print tightsOther patterned tights can also be gothic. This pirate-inspired tights is best for ladies who desire a melodramatic look.

Unique printed tightsPrinted tights can be very striking. So aside from getting regular tights,  be sure to get one of these printed tights too.