Sexy Ways to wear Tights for Women

Tights for women have become a very fashionable piece especially during the cold weather. While you want to be comfortable with the cold weather, you would also want to look trendy and sexy. So instead of using long pants, you can actually be sexy during winter with these ideas using stylish tights for women. Now, you can wear your dress, shorts and other sexy outfits out in the cold with the help of fashion tights for women. Here are some of the ideas on how you can look sexy using your tights:

Wear your Tights with Shorts

If you have wanted to wear your summer shorts in a cold weather, then wearing them with cute tights for women underneath is a good way to stay sexy and fashionable in winter. You can choose from black tights or even printed ones.

These celebrities love to wear their sheer tights with denim shorts

Tights in denim shortsWear your Tights with a Small Dress

For more formal events, you can wear a mini dress or skirt with women’s tights. Plain tights are better for more dressy outfits while printed or lace tights are best for more simple dresses.

Black tights match best with any dress

Black tightsWear Leopard Print Tights

Probably the most unique tights that you can have are leopard-printed tights. Celebrities love to wear these leopard prints during causal events or night events because leopard tights can go along with any wardrobe. They look best with black outfits and even short coats. Match your leopard printed tights with ankle boots, sexy pumps or wedges to give you sexier legs.

Kourtney Kardashian is spotted using her leopard tights with her short overalls.

Leopard tights

Wear Patterned Tights

Other prints also look sexy on tights. This American inspired pattern can be worn in an ordinary outdoor activity for an extraordinary look. Other prints can also be worn depending on your taste.

Fashion tightsThis skeleton-printed tights can be worn during any sporty activitiesNike Skeleton tights for womenPrinted tights worn with plain skirts and shorts create a unique fashion statement

Celeste Stein TightsWear Lace Tights

Lace tights are very sexy and fashionable because they reveal some skin and they also come in different patterns. Lace tights are best for semi-formal dresses and skirts, but you can also wear them with shorts.

Celebrities look pretty and sexy in their dresses with lace tights

Lace tightsWalk the runway or the road using sexy lace tights with your sexy mini dress

Beautiful lace tightsWear Bright Colored Tights

If you fancy bright colored jeans, then you can also go for bright colored tights for that slim fit look. There are various colors to choose from neon hues to orange and red, but make sure not to match them with printed dresses and shorts as well as bright ones to avoid a very flamboyant look. Nevertheless, you can opt to mix and match them just as long as they look good.

Orange tights with a black dress creates a nice contrast

Slim fit tightsPink tights in a pink floral dress creates a very feminine look

Colored tightsStylish tights for women are very popular this season so look for your next outfit to match these cute wardrobes.