Trendy leopard print dress.

The current fashion trend has been up to animal print dresses and one of the most popular is the leopard print dress.
It has never gone out of style and has always been a classic in many collections. You may think that it all ends in wearing the dress with print but there is more. You can also have leopard prints in your accessories, shoes, and even hand bags.However, the styling does not stop here; a leopard dress can also be paired with a great pair of shoes.

Leopard print – many stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley  Cyrus love to wear it!

celebs wears leopard print dresses

Leopard print dress and shoes.

To make you legs look longer you can go with the nude stiletto. If you want to make a statement, you can have shoes of color green or red. Any color that will eventually be the focal point aside from your dress will surely be a good pair. To achieve a more glamorous look, you can wear wedge with gold heels.

Jessica White  wears  hot leopard  print dress:

jessica white  wears  hot leopard  print dress

Leopard Print Dress for Plus Sized Women.

Being a plus size does not mean that you are hindered to wear a leopard print dress. It is important to remember that when you decide to incorporate animal prints to your wardrobe you must start from the small ones. Start with your accessories and do not over use the prints. This is the easiest part for plus size women to have animal prints in your outfit. If you decide to wear a leopard print dress pair it solid colors such as brown, beige, grey, and black. This will make your outfit look not too busy. Your accessories can also come in solid or plain colors which will give your look a classier outfit for the night or even a sophisticated look for a business meeting. Do not overdo it and make sure that you maintain a good balance between the prints, colors, and your accessories. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to experiment.

Celebs wearing leopard print dresses


animal Leopard cheetah -print clothing



Cute cheetah dresses

cute cheetah - leopard dress


one shoulder leopard print dressone shoulder leopard print dress


Pixie Lott wears  Strapless  leopard Print Dress

Pixie-Lott wears -Strapless- leopard Print-Dress

Leopard Print Dress – How to Wear them.

As the trend for animal prints gets high for this season, many would ask how to wear a leopard print dress. First thing, you should know is what is your body type, what works for you, and know your personal style.

leopard print dresses -rachel-bilson-kylie-minogue

You can  start from small before going to leopard print dress. Try on accessories with leopard prints such as belts, earrings, neckpieces, and bangles. Now, you can start by pairing leopard tops or bottoms with solid ones. Stick to one piece at a time and pair it with neutral colors. For first timers, it is advised to stick to one print at a time. Choose colors that are of neutral shades and that are of natural animal colors. Now you can go bold by making sure that the print is the focal point of your outfit. Keep it simple by having simple accessories such as simple earrings with no necklace .

Hilary-Rhoda leopard print dress shirt