Unique and Attractive Green Leggings

Green may not be one of your favorite colors and you may seem to stay away from the color in terms of your pants. But believe me, green leggings are just one of the most attractive leggings that you can ever use. Green is an earthly color so using green leggings can fit other earthly colors as well. Plus, green leggings have some of the most unique designs in the world of tights and leggings. Discover green leggings through the following shades and designs:

Dark green leggings are very versatile as compared to other shades of green. This dark green leggings is best for black, brown and even bright tops matched with ankle-length boots.

Navy green leggingsGreen tights will never be complete without neon green leggings. While neon green can be very bright, it looks very distinct to the eyes especially durign outdoor events.

Neon green leggingsMetallic green tights are worn best during night events such as club partying and the like. The shimmer on the metallic green color reflects light very well for that extraordinary look.

Metallic green leggings

Olive green leggings such as this one is very elegant and simple. It elongates the legs when used with high-heeled boots and perfectly highlights the shape of the body because of the subtle color. Use this green tights with a knitted top for a natural beauty.

Forrest green leggingsAside from plain green women’s leggings, green tights can also come in printed designs. In fact, green tights match with very unique designs such as this fairy paint green leggings. The complementing colors of kelly green leggings and the yellow tinge creates a very stylish look on your legs.

Fairy Paint green leggings

Looking for more unique designs? Then, this green galaxy printed leggings may just be the right one for you. The leggings is not overly decorated making it stylish and classic in one.

Galaxy green leggings

Dare to wear more flamboyant designs? Green polka-dots are very eye-catching, but it also requires confidence and  attitude to wear these polka dots in bright green background.

Green polka dot leggings

Leopard prints can also come in green leggings. Since green is an earthly color, it matches the earth brown as well as the animal print for a naturalistic look.

Leopard green leggings

If you want fancy designs, this green mermaid leggings is simply attractive and stunning. The very light green color and the stylish mermaid tail prints allow you to wear green leggings without that very flashy hue.

Mermaid green leggings

Another unique design on green leggings is this velvet green leggings with silver patterns. The velvet fabric fits very well to the legs and the silver prints can easily add volume for women with very slender legs.

Unique green leggingsGreen leggings may come in plain and bold colors, but you can also have unique prints if you want to go away from loud green shades.