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How to wear   womens board shorts on tropical countries and vacations:

We often see girls from the America wear  jean board shorts but how about girls from the Pacific Islands or the countries near the equator?




Of course, girls from these countries can wear trendy board shorts.  How to wear womens board shorts, you might ask. Of course, girls from these countries can wear trendy board shorts.  How to wear womens board shorts, you might ask. To the same occasions where American girls wear their board shorts : Everywhere. How to wear them, that’s the question.


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Board shorts look hot on curvy women!

Board shorts look hot on curvy women

Either you’re a girl who lives in a tropical country or a girl who will go on a vacation trip to one, you will be needing advice on what to wear with your board shorts . Here are some tips on how to wear  your board  shorts to island paradise:

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Since tropical countries generally have a hot climate, wearing cotton shirts are highly advisable. Whether they are cropped tops or oversized shirts, they will look good over  your  board shorts. You could also wear your button down shirts with your denim  board shorts.

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  1. Boots will make your feet sweat due to heat so it is not a good idea to wear them in tropical destinations. Flipflops will look cute with your denim board shorts and so will your sandals. Gladiators will also work. Avoid shoes that require you to wear stockings, high socks or anything that will make your feet feel hot.
  2. Avoid wearing tights or leggings with your denim board shorts because the more clothes hug you, the more it will be uncomfortably hot it will be for you.
  3. You could also wear your board shorts to the beach. Wear your bikini or swimsuit under your board shorts and your tank top.
  4. Always wear sunnies whenever going out to protect your eyes. Oversized sunglasses usually look good with chic clothes and they sure will look good with your high waisted shorts and crop top look, too.
  5. Look, what  to wear with shorts:

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You could actually wear anything you want in a tropical country. You just have to keep in mind that tropical countries generally have hot climate so keep your attire cool so you will feel comfortable enough to walk around in. Also, do not forget to bring sunscreen with you. The sun will be shining on too strong; you will have to put sunscreen on ever other half hour. The most important thing to bring on a tropical country is your versatile  womens board shorts, so you could be the ultimate fashionista even in a foreign country.;)