Ways to Wear Purple Tights

Purple is known to be a color of royalty, but it is also one color that is difficult to mix and match because of the bright and bold hue. While you would want to wear this royalty color, you become skeptical if you’ll look good in purple leggings in the first place. Well, to help you don that flamboyant color in your legs, here are some of the pretty ways to wear purple tights for women:

Girl’s purple tights can be worn using fabulous coats and boots during cold weather. In this outfit, women can look very fashionable in purple tights as it breaks the boredom of using black leggings with coats. Choosing coats in blue, black or even printed ones matches dark purple tights very well.

Sexy purple tights

Brighter hues of purple can match bright skirts as well. In this example, yellow looks good on purple when matched with a black top and shoes.

Semi-formal purple tights

If you want to look bubblier on purple, then getting a floral top or dress with a purple tinge can complement the purple tights. The purple color on the sleeves creates an excellent balance on the colors of the dress.   Just make sure to get bright floral colors with bright purple tights.

Purple tights

Purple tights when used with a white dress creates a very nice contrast on the colors. The white dress highlights the purple tights while the purple leggings makes the white dress standout more.

Purple tights and white dress

Purple tights also look good on a little black dress so donning your favorite black mini dress with a purple leggings is also excellent.

Purple leggings

So much with plain purple tights, you can also get  purple patterned tights such as this dotted purple leggings. Much like using a fishnet stockings, you an use this dotted purple tights with lovely boots.

Purple patterned tights

If you want to really become a head turner, then use your purple leggings with an equally bright pink top. While it can be too much for some women, using it with confidence will help you carry the colors well.

Pretty Purple tights

Floral purple tights should also be on your list when considering purple leggings. Use it with a modest top to balance the flashy design.

Flower Purple tights

Since leopard prints are very popular, why not use a leopard print purple leggings for a fierce and sexy look. Match it with a black top and pump to finish the look.

Leopard Purple Tights

If you are looking for a unique purple tights, then this suspender tights in black and purple can be your option.

Lace Suspender Purple tights

Whether you choose to wear regal violet, aubergine, feminine lilac or just purple, there are several ways to use purple tights even in ordinary days.