Why men love sequin shorts!

Ladies love sequin shorts. If the right size and fit are found, most sequin  shorts look flattering to the ladies.


If the right color is found, it will look even better as it accentuates the complexion of the wearer. Of course, sequin shorts are very versatile; you can actually wear them in several different occasions – or lazy days off – and not feel a wee bit undressed (if accessorized right).Sequin shorts are also not  considered as office attire by some companies, especially those who are not strict with their dress code.

cute sequin shorts

Men also love  sequin shorts. No, definitely not on them but on their ladies. There is but one reason the male species seem to have agreed upon: The ladies look fine with their  sequin shorts. Not fine meaning “Blah”, but fine meaning “She’s looking hot!”.

Fashionable black high waisted  sequin shorts

Match  high waisted shorts with a high heels for a hot look

high waisted sequin shorts


City fashion – shorts with opaque tights

sequin shorts for women with opaque tights

The  sequin shorts, as previously mentioned, flatter the wearer when worn appropriately. Of course, the ladies not only have to find the right fit and the right size but they also have to find the right kind so as to flatter them even more. There are several kinds of  sequin shorts. There are denims, tight, body hugging ones, high waisted  sequin shorts, there are loose shorts that rest just above the knees and some that go all the way up the thighs. Women who intend to wear high waisted shorts should consider all these to make the shorts flattering to them and overwhelming to the male population that’s going to see her wearing them.

Stylish  sequin shorts with glitter

stylish sequin shorts with glitter

Bright orange  shirt, silver glittery shorts and high heel sandals – chic  and simple  look for  the party.

glitter silver shorts for women

Wear sequin shorts with heavy boots  and t shirt  for a stylish everyday look

sequin shorts with  doc martens boots

Women should also consider what they are wearing sequin shorts with. Since any shorts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to have ever been invented, it will look good with anything but there are different kinds of tops for different body types so be sure to know what looks good and what doesn’t look good. This will also add more “Wow!” factor to your already stylish look.

black and gold sequin shorts

Shoes and other accessories should also be taken into consideration. Please keep in mind that less is more but sometimes, more is a good thing, depending on the situation.

sequin shorts for men and women

When trying to catch a man’s attention, trendy sequin shorts   will be a reliable companion but this shouldn’t be the main purpose of wearing your high waisted shorts. Wear it because first and foremost, you feel good while wearing them.

sequin silver shorts

black sequin shorts

Trendy sequin shorts and  glittery  accessories

sequin shorts and accessories