Comfortable Alternatives to Heels

Heels are very sexy. They add that flirty yet fierce feminine twist to any outfit. If you’re a petite woman, heels are not just an accessory, they’re a must. They help you look taller and, with the right pair, help you make your legs look longer as well. One thing about heels, though, is that they’re not exactly very comfortable. Sure, there are some pairs that you can walk around in all day and feel minimal pain but, still, the pain is there. This is because a lot of pressure is put on the wrong places when you walk around in heels. For all the heel-a-holics out there who are starting to consider giving their feet a break from the pain of heels, check out these comfortable alternatives to heels that are going to make your outfits just as stylish and fab.

  • Wedges – if you’ve been wearing heels just to add a few couple of inches to your height, why not try wearing wedges? They practically have the same effect as heels but they’re way more comfy and they certainly provide a better and more stable base as well which is perfect for wet fall days. Wedges are great heel alternatives for casual and street style looks but you can also wear them to the office or with a dressier ensemble as long as you choose a pair that’s equally elegant.

tan wedge sandals boho outfit and wedge espadrille wedge outfit

  • Wedge sneakers – need something that you can wear with an athletic / sporty look with a chic twist? How about a pair of wedge sneakers? They look like your everyday run of the mill sneakers on the outside but it has a hidden wedge inside that boosts your height and makes you look taller. You can dress it up by wearing wedge sneakers with a skirt or a dress or you can keep it casual by pairing it with jeans or even shorts.

red sneaker wedge outfit sneaker wedge outfit nude sneaker wedge

  • Kitten heels – they’re still heels but they’re not sky-high or anything like the ones you usually wear. They still add an inch or two to your height but they’re most definitely comfier than your regular heels. Kitten heels are perfect for vintage inspired looks (a la Taylor Swift) but you can certainly wear them with more contemporary looks, too, to transform them into modern must haves. Kitten heels come in a variety of styles, from sling backs to T-straps to just plain slip ons.

ankle strap kitten heels sling back kitten heels oversized coat and kitten heels

  • Ballerina flats – these are the perfect alternative to heels if you’re looking for something versatile. Ballerina flats can be dressed up and dressed down, depending on the look that you are going for. If you want something that will look great with most of your looks, go for a neutral colored one. If you’re looking for a showstopper, on the other hand, go for something more ornate like an embellished pair or a glittery set.

nude ballerina flats basic black ballerina flats ankle strap kitten heels red ballerina flats

  • Loafers – need something more comfortable to wear with your jeans and shorts? If heels are not an option then go for loafers instead. They’re easy and laidback yet they have that poised and refined vibe that you need to make your everyday outfits look sophisticated. You can wear them with skirts and dresses, too, if you ever need something to dress down these pieces with.

celine pointy toe loafers leather loafers outfit brown leather loafers