Cool Retro Sunglasses

Sunglass designers living decades ago were creative enough that they had developed a couple of classic frame styles, which are provided by modern manufacturers as a special category called retro vintage sunglasses.

Cat eye sunglasses, bug eye sunglasses and 80s oversized sunglasses are some of the examples of retro sunglasses products that are regaining popularity among the average. For a majority of target customers, this is reminiscence.

cat's eyes glasses

While most of them resort to these retro sun wear products for re-experiencing their classic style and appearance, there are actually additional benefits that are made available by modern manufacturers.

retro eye wear

During the past decades, lots of improvements and breakthroughs have been made and most of them are absolutely feasible to be used in retro sunwear styles.

retro inspired glasses

The combination of a retro frame style and an advanced lens technology brings greater benefits to modern customers. The Jackie-O design sunglasses were popularized by the former First Lady Kennedy.

retro sunglasses

After becoming Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, she flaunted this oversized style of sunglasses all over the globe. The style was so closely associated with her, that it has shared her name since the late seventies.

oversized glasses

After fading from the public eye, the metal glasses lay dormant for about thirty years. However, poised for a comeback, these sunglasses have begun making waves on red carpets and runways all over.


The women credited for bringing back the infamous sunglasses are Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. Since then, Jackie-O’s have been seen on the faces of famous women and trendy-but-average Janes everywhere.


Retro sunglasses design that has made big waves recently is the cleverly named Aviators. Originally designed in the 1930’s for military pilots, Aviators were hot on fashionable faces in the 1960’s and 1980’s. True to their every-twenty-year trend, Aviators are back with vengeance and have been favorites for men, and women, with style.

retro aviators

Wayfarers made one more comeback in 1983 when a sock and underwear clad young man plastic reading glasses slid into the living room and into our hearts. Before Tom Cruise was the controversial figure he is today, he was a hot high school graduate just trying to get into a good college.The Wayfarers sunglasses haven’t been much on the fashion scene since then, but we’ve never forgotten.

stunning retro glasses

Retro sunglasses are famous in our daily life, we usually difficult to predict what kind of sunglasses will be popular next year. But retro sunglasses, will be the fashion way it was, Retro sunglasses have been an indispensable part of sunglasses culture.