Cool Sunglasses to Complete Any Outfit

A good pair of sunglasses is my personal favorite piece of accessory. It’s not only stylish and fabulous, it’s actually quite functional as well. Aside from making you look cooler and more hip, sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun so you don’t have to squint or squinch your eyes while you’re out in the sun. You can choose from a wide variety of styles to suit your facial shape and features or you can also go for universally flattering sunglass styles. If you’re someone who loves to accessorize, I bet you always have a pair of sunglasses with you that’s either in your purse or worn on a bright sunny day. Here are some cool sunglasses that would complete any outfit. Check them out and pick out your faves!

  • Aviator sunglasses – though this style has been brought to fame and distinction by the Ray-Ban brand, there are also other brands (some more inexpensive compared to Ray-Ban while others are way more expensive than them) that carry aviator style sunglasses. This is just one of the styles of sunglasses you can get that’s sure to flatter your face and look good on you, no matter what your face shape is. Aviator sunglasses go well with just about any outfit, too, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider investing in something like this.

mirrored aviator lenses black aviator sunglasses

  • Cat eye sunglasses – these sunglasses are super cute and über chic, I just can’t get enough of looking at them! Cat eye sunglasses are great if you want to add a bit of a retro feel to your look. The style is just perfect for adding a hint of a girly, flirty touch to your whole outfit. These are also on trend for spring and summer and they’re a great addition to any girl’s collection.

cat eye sunglasses

retro red cat eye sunglasses

  • Round sunglasses – now, if you’re planning to go all out vintage with your whole look, a pair of metal-rimmed vintage round sunglasses would be a great accessory to throw and complete your outfit with. Depending on your facial shape, you can get them with tiny specks or with oversized lenses. If you aren’t very much into the whole vintage look, though, and want something more modern, you can get the plastic-rimmed ones that look more mod and posh. Either way, round glasses are still super fun and fab.

cool round sunglasses hippie round sunglasses

  • Wayfarers – wayfarer sunglasses are another style of sunglasses popularized by Ray-Ban but just like aviator sunglasses, you can get them from other brands as well. This style is the perfect one to wear if you have a round facial shape because the softly squared edges kind of balance out the roundness of your face. Women with other facial shapes can wear them too, though, but they just work best on round face shapes.

cute wayfarer sunglasses classic wayfarer sunnies

  • Oversized sunglasses – if you want a pair of sunglasses that you can never go wrong with, anything oversized is a sure win. They go well with all face shapes and they’re really stylish too! Women with round and oval face shapes benefit the most from them, though, because the size of the sunnies make the face look smaller.

plain oversized shades oversized wayfarers