Cool Tips on Wearing Jeans for Short Women

Not everybody is blessed to have long legs. Some are just short and cute, but hey!

No worries, as long as you can pull it off and you know how to wear what really suits you. This generation, there are a few now who wears skirts, I mean long skirts. Jeans are in now. So for those who have short legs, may this tips would help.

boyfriend jeans for petite women


Flare jeans will make you look MORE short. But I’m not saying throw all your flare jeans, you can wear heels with it and a body fit shirt. But if you just can wear other jeans, wear it.

jeans for shorter women


If though you are not that skinny for skinny jeans, just use skinny instead of flare. It will show your real leg length. This will reduce to make you look short.

skinny jeans for short women


Wear shorts. If you don’t have that long legs, well, you got cute ones. SHOW IT! But don’t try wearing shorts with heels. It will shout “YOU’RE SO SHORT!”.



Blue denim, originally dyed indigo. This would really help to make look more taller. There are so many color choices in blue denim now, from very light to very dark blue.

kardashian pants

For short women, the best blue denim color is the darkest blue because it will help short women look thinner and taller.

dark blue denim for short women


With so many jeans styles on the market and more manufacturers offering skinny jeans, it’s becoming a little easier to find a style of jeans that flatters. For most short women, jeans with straight legs work best, but there are other cuts that can work on you too, depending on figure type.

Best-Jeans-for short women

Skinny jeans, tapered jeans, wide-leg jeans, and bootcut jeans are options that may look right on some petites but not on everybody.

Elegant Jeans For Petite Women

Avoid cuffs, pleats, bell-bottoms, high-rises, and pockets with flaps or embellishment on areas you prefer to not emphasize. Also avoid rolling up jeans at the hem if you want a longer, leaner look.

leather jeans for women

Hope to all munchkins out there that, don’t be afraid to wear but, hey! Think also that Fashion is not being comfortable of what you wear. Fashion sometimes will teach us that, not everything we are comfortable of is  good for us. Try to be different and pull it off, and you will be surprised.

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