Cool Ways to Wear Converse Shoes

Converse shoes are definite classics that almost every one of us have had at least at some point in our lives or up until this point, actually. These shoes are one of the most recognizable among all shoes in the world not only because of its iconic status but also because these shoes are one of the few that have amassed a following with such diversity. Everyone – from people back in the 80s and 90s and today, celebrities, models and regular Joes, men and women both young and old – all adore the comfort that these stylish shoes bring. If you have a pair of Converse shoes just lying around or if you’re planning to buy a new pair soon, read on and discover cool ways to wear Converse shoes.

  • Wear printed Converse shoes – Converse shoes usually come in solid colors, especially the classic styles but you can also find designs that feature cute and funky prints. These designs are a great way to liven up any plain outfit. It’s also a great way to add color and detail if most of the pieces in your overall ensemble are simple and plain.

printed converse shoes printed

  • Wear to achieve the tomboy style – the tomboy style is very unique and it gives you an edgier look that combines boyish charm with a little bit of a sporty vibe. This look can be easily taken to the streets because it’s very rough and casual. One staple in a tomboy style closet are sneakers and Converse shoes are definitely a must have. Wear you converse shoes with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a simple shirt and/or a jacket to get that perfect tomboy look.

tomboy style


  • Wear it to add color to an outfit with prominent dark hues – if you’re sporting an outfit with prominent dark hues like an all black outfit or a denim on denim ensemble, the littlest splash of color can make a huge difference. Converse shoes come in many colors including red, pink, yellow, green and more. You can also DIY it to have it in the exact color you want. These converse shoes are perfect for adding a hint of color to any dark outfit.

colored converse colored

  • Wear it with a girly dress – some dresses have a look that would make you think you can’t wear them as an everyday casual outfit but there are actually lots of things you can do to make those kinds of dresses appropriate for an everyday look. Wearing your Converse shoes is one good way to dress down girly and dressy ensembles like dresses. It’s also a stunning way to combine style and comfort. In fact, some women choose to wear Converse shoes with their wedding dresses because they’re not only comfier but a lot edgier and unique as well.

dress outfit dress

  • Wear it personalized – nowadays, almost anything can be personalized and that includes Converse shoes. Make your Converse shoes represent you style and fashion sense by DIYing it and adding on embellishments like studs, spikes, rhinestones, glitters and whatever else can make it as unique as you.

diy converse shoes DIY