Creative Nail Polish Designs

Most females love to decorate their nails with nail polish in attempts to beautify their hands. What most females do not know is that there are actually benefits of using nail polish. Nail polish, along with other cosmetics, can make a woman feel beautiful and confident inside and out.

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The obvious benefit of getting a manicure is that by the time you are finished your nails will look gorgeous and healthy.

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While going to the spa to get manicures and pedicures is pampering, it is simultaneously beneficial to treat yourself to a little self-grooming, and to have someone immerse you in luxury can go a long way for the mind, body and spirit. While a manicure and pedicure are not a full body massage, they can be incredibly relaxing.


Many good nail salons will offer a range of services including the very basic manicure and pedicures or a more expensive treatment including hand and foot massages, warm cloths, and aromatherapy. A simple hand and foot massage can perform wonders if you are having an extremely stressful day.

leopard print nail design

Polish works its wonders by creating a shield over the top of the nail to protect it against damage from every day use as well as the environment.


When using your favorite color of nail polish, be sure to add a clear base coat; this will keep nails from becoming stained by the colored pigments in polish.

swirls nail polish design

Adding a clear top coat is also a good idea. Doing so will not only keep your nail polish from chipping, but will also protect the nail from cuticle to tip.


Nail polish is a great way to splash a little color into your life without being overpowering or overly strong. From delicate pinks to off-beat blues, you can find a way to express yourself with a nail polish.

cute nail polish design

Additionally, it is a healthier and safer alternative to faux nails, which essentially disintegrate the integrity of the nail over time. Nail polish allows for the nail to breathe and grow naturally with non-invasive decoration.

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Regularly maintained hands and nails give a great impression of the amount of care you treat your body to. Remember, while looks are not everything, the way you look is often part of any first impression that you give.


Many people notice your face and hands first. Unkempt nails may allow people to think the rest of your life is just as messy.

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