What to Wear Your Cropped Denim Jacket With

Cropped denim jackets are quickly becoming a trend. These cropped denim jackets are just like regular jeans jackets except that they’re cut higher  than the regular ones which means that they are smaller and cover only about half or a third of the upper torso. Big clothing lines like Forever 21 sell cropped denim jackets and you’ll see that a lot of celebrities also wear them.

Cropped denim jackets are a great staple in your closet for spring transitioning to fall. They are lightweight and they can keep you warm on a windy day but not too warm to make you sweaty like a heavy jacket would. They’re very easy to wear and you can wear cropped denim jackets with almost anything.

Cropped denim jacket for women are chic

acid wash cropped denim jacket

Cropped denim jackets look great on just about anything you pair it with

casual cropped denim jacket

You can make a very feminine dress less girly and more casual by wearing a cropped denim jacket  on top of it. The cropped denim jacket will give your over all look a more casual vibe. You can also do the rising trend which is called the ‘grungy glam’ look. Basically, what this trend is, is a combination of grunge and glam so you can take a glam dress like those with rhinestones or lace and pair it with a rather grungier piece like cowboy boots or a cropped denim jacket.

These white dresses look good with a cropped denim jacket on top

white dress and cropped denim jacket

An outfit inspiration for the ‘grungy glam’ trend

cropped denim jacket and lace dress

Another thing you can wear with your cropped denim jacket is a maxi dress. This is a pretty look for pregnant women who would still like to look stylish and fabulous. Even your simple outfit wearing a maxi dress and flat sandals will look more put together when you pair it with a cropped denim jacket. If you want to retain the feminine vibe of your maxi dress, you can still do that with a cropped denim jacket that has lace trimmings on it.

Cropped denim jacket on white maxi dress

cropped denim jacket and maxi dress

A sexier way to wear your maxi dress: full length skirt and a bandeau topped with a cropped denim jacket

sexy cropped denim jacket

If you have a cropped denim jacket that’s 50% cotton 50% denim, then that means it’s a bit softer. What you can do to this is to wear it with a longer t-shirt. Tuck your shirt in your pants and tie the ends of your cropped denim jacket together for a cowboy-ish look. You can do your hair in pigtails to complete the look!

Vintage cropped denim jacket

vintage cropped denim jacket

Victoria’s Secret’s clothing line also has cropped denim jackets

Lastly, you can also wear your cropped denim jacket with just about any casual outfit you want to put together. A slightly fitted t-shirt and sneakers or flat boots would look great on a lazy weekend when you just want to chill and walk around the park or hit the mall with friends. if it’s a bit cold outside, you can also wear a scarf to keep you extra warm.

Partially acid-washed cropped denim jacket

chic cropped denim jacket

You can wear your cropped denim jacket over plain rompers for a more put-together look

cropped denim jacket on black rompers

Cropped denim jackets are great and every girl should own at least one. If you’re looking for warmth without the heaviness and bulk, it’s great to take one along with you.