Cute and Chic Striped Street Style Clothes

Street style is a style that you can wear on any casual day. This style is very comfortable and is perfect for just spending the day out. Street style clothes, aside from being comfortable, are also very stylish and often very versatile. Most of these are pieces that you can take to the streets but can also be dressed up to be worn with a more polished outfit. Stripes have been a big trend this year and in case you haven’t had enough of this fabulous print yet, here are some cute and chic striped street style clothes that you can add to your wardrobe:

  • A Striped sweater – a striped sweater is perfect for when you want to spend the day out but the temperature is a little bit chilly. It can keep you warm without making you look any less gorgeous. a striped sweater would go well with denim shorts or just plain jeans.

striped sweater outfit striped sweater

  • A striped skirt – we know skirts are often worn in more formal and proper settings but when you add stripes to them, they really make a gorgeous street style piece of clothing. Pair your skirt with a more casual top like a T-shirt, sweater or a crop top to make it street style-worthy.

striped skirt outfit

striped skirt

  • A striped T-shirt – now, what could be more casual and street style appropriate than a basic shirt? Add a brave, bold stripe to your shirt to make it more fun and interesting. A striped shirt can be worn with just about anything – a pair of leggings (if it’s long enough) jeans, shorts, skirts. Of course, distressed denims would be the perfect choice if you want to go street style all the way.

striped tshirt outfit striped tshirt

  • Striped maxi dress – want to make your feminine sense of fashion more prominent while wearing street style clothes? Why not wear a striped maxi dress? It’s very chic but it’s also something that you can take to the streets. Stripes on maxi dresses are a refreshing break from the plain and floral ones which is what most women like to wear. To make your maxi dress outfit even more street style, you can wear flip flops with it instead of the usual heels or wedges. Aside from being stylish, it’s also a great way to beat the heat.

striped maxi dress striped maxi dress outfit

  • Striped shorts – often times, when we say shorts we think about just a plain pair that’s denim, lace or whatnot. Ombre is also another thing we remember when talking about shorts. Shorts don’t always come in fun prints which is why it’s a very nice surprise to see striped shorts every now and then. Your striped shorts can be worn with a simple, neutral top or you can also do the print on print trend with it to create a bolder look.

striped shorts outfit striped shorts

When wearing stripes, it’s best to always try out the clothes first to see which kind suits and flatters you best. Is it thin stripes or big and bold ones? Do you look better in vertical or horizontal stripes? Knowing these is important if you want to look your best in stripes.