Cute and lovely drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are so cute looking and easy to use, you can use them for packing your little things for a picnic, dump in your swim clothes, carry books, store toys or any other accessories, use for gift packing, or use it as an hand bag. These drawstring bags are easy to make at home or you can purchase it at shops, as they are available in various types and colors.


Victoria Beckham with a drawstring satchel

Victoria beckham with drawstring satchel

Even celebrities love to own a drawstring bags, satchels, etc. to name a few, Victoria Beckham, Liv Taylor, Ashley Greene, and many more use these lovely and easy to use drawstring bags.

Ashley Greene with salvatore ferragamo drawstring bag

ashley greene with salvatore ferragamo

Make your own drawstring bag:

Making a drawstring bag is quite easy and you can easily sew them at home. Just take a cloth of your desired size and design and cut them into two equal pieces and start sewing the bottom and sides leaving at least 2 inches at the sides for opening, then you can fold the top ends separately to about 2 inches and sew them too. Start using a ribbon or a thin colorful rope and start inserting at the left side top hole and pull them through the right side and bring it back to the left on the other side, follow the same procedure for the right side edge. Make sure the ribbons are of same size and you can just leave it like a pouch or sew them to the bottom corners to use it as a backpack.

stylish drawsting bag

cute fish type pink color drawstring bagCute fish type drawstring bag

Various types of drawstring bags:

Drawstring bags are available in various form like a storage bag, small money pouch, backpack, satchels, toy storage transparent bags, netted drawstring bags for gift wrapping, handbags, etc.

store your coins in these cute money storage drawstring bags

Money storage Drawstring bag

Who can use drawstring bags?

Well, these drawstring bags are so much easy to use and looks cute, as they can be used by almost anyone of any age, kids can use it to carry books, swimsuits, you can use to save money and coins, store toys, accessories, elderly people can use it to store medicines, and you can almost use it for anything and give it to anybody as a gift.


These cute little animal print drawstring bags will be loved by your kids

kids drawstring bags

store your little ones toys in these lovely clear storage drawstring bags

Toy storage drawstring bag


Cute looking hand knit drawstring bags

handknit drawstring bag


Easy to use drawstring backpack

drawstring backpack