Cute and Trendy Outfits for Winter

Now that the cold seasons are here and with winter barely a couple of months away, stocking up on warm and cozy wardrobe should be on top of your list. Of course, the staples should be in your wardrobe. These are things like jackets, coats, boots and just about anything that could keep you warm. These staples might seem boring but they are essential if you want to get through the whole season without being sick. But don’t fret. Just because it’s winter does not mean you have to wear boring staples all season. We’ve got some cute and trendy outfits for winter that you can achieve easily.

  • Cinched puffer coats and skinny pants –we often skip on puffer coats because we don’t like the bulk that it adds to our overall look but puffer coats are very warm and cozy. If you wish to wear puffer coats this winter without looking too bulky, you can wear them unzipped and / or cinched by the waist. This will lessen the bulkiness that it usually adds to our look. Also, wear puffer coats with bottoms that have a skinny silhouette like leggings or skinny jeans to balance out the volume on top.

puffer jacket and skinny puffer coat and leggings

  • Breaking black – black has always been a favorite color for colder seasons like winter because it contributes to giving you warmth. One outfit combination to try this winter is going black from head to toe and adding in a bright pop of color through accessories to break the monotony from the all-black ensemble.

all black and neon shoes

all black and pink beanie all black and blue purse

  • Casual top and liquid leggings – dress up any casual top by pairing it with liquid leggings. Liquid leggings are very versatile and can be worn with anything either during the day or night. It also has a slim and sexy silhouette which makes it to pair it with chunky sweaters which are very on trend this winter. Liquid leggings make a great alternative for faux leather leggings as they are more comfortable.

liquid leggings and casual top liquid leggings and sweater

  • Getting edgy – sometimes when it’s so cold in the morning, we get a little lazy and just throw on whatever we first grab from the closet and more often than not it’s gonna be a casual outfit. Again. Instantly add a cool edge to any outfit by simply throwing on a leather biker jacket on top. It doesn’t matter how soft and girly the outfit you come up with is, the biker jacket instantly adds a ‘rough’ sense to it.

biker jacket and shirt biker jacket and button down