Cute Arm Candy Styles to Try

Having an arm candy simply means having a cute accessory on your arms which are usually cute bracelets stacked on top of each other to create one stylish and cohesive look that matches or complements an outfit. Some people are still reserved about the arm candy trend which can also be sometimes referred to as an arm party. This is because we often see arm candy trends as bold or fierce and easy to pull off but  the truth is that there are no rules to creating your own arm candy. You can go as wacky or as subtle as you like and you can use as many or as little arm accessories as you like. Here are some cute arm candy styles that you can wear:cute arm candy

  • Summer stylista – summer is the most fun time of the year so why not take those fun moments with you everywhere by incorporating it in your arm candy style? Summer is the perfect time to go big on arm candies. Choose fun, bright and bold colors and go crazy mixing and matching different materials to create an interesting texture. A combination of metals, beads and braided cords and maybe even a little bit of leather is sure to make your arm candy summer ready.

summer arm candysummer armcandy

  • Madame Elegant – going to work but can’t get enough of the arm candy trend? Create an classy and elegant arm candy style by stacking 2 to 3 pieces and topping it off with a nice watch. Pearls, rhinestone or diamond-studded bracelets, dainty chain bracelets and glass beads bracelets are the popular choices for creating this look.

elegant arm partyelegant silver

  • Rock and roll chick – who says arm candies are just for the girly girls? If your style is more rock and roll than feminine, you can always rock the arm candy style by combining black pieces with either gold or silver. Studs, skulls, crosses and chains are very popular elements in a rock and roll arm candy set.

rocker chickrocker arm candy

  • Dainty lady – if you want something that’s a little girly, flirty and romantic, choose arm candy pieces that are subtle and delicate and dainty looking. Go for pastel colors instead of the brights and the bolds and go for simpler pieces instead of chunky ones. Shades of pink are always a favorite but other soft colors are welcome, too. Bows, flowers, rhinestones, diamonds and rose gold are just some of what makes a frilly arm candy combo.

girly arm candygirly pastel arm candygirly arm party