Cute Designer Purses

Aside from your regular handbag, definitely, you need those cute little purses for more casual events when you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff and want to be more mobile with only a small purse in hand.  Small designer purses are very handy and also very cute and even celebrities love them. There are a lot of designer inspired purses to choose from Coach, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and others, but here are the most spotted best purses that celebrities are using:

Hermes Designer Purses

I have never seen any bag worn by a lot of celebrities than Hermes Bags. So how can this very simple  designer purse capture the interest of many women? Well, it’s the exquisite look and elegance that matters to women.

Here, the Posh Spice was seen using her Hermes Birkin Bags in red on different occasions.

Hermes bag

Victoria Beckham simply own a lot of Hermes bags more than any celebrity. Here, she poses with her Hermes Birkin bag in pink ostrich with her same color dress.

Victoria Beckham Hermes Purse bag

Eva Longoria wearing her coveted hot pink crocodile Hermes Birkin bag and her other bags too.

Eva Longoria Parker Hermes Birkin bag

Louis Vuitton Designer Purses

Speaking of “It” bags, Louis Vuitton’s line of designer handbags are one of those bags that women are eying for.

Ashley Simpson and her LV bags

ashley simpson designer handbag

Wendy Williams, Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Gabrielle Union all have their Louis Vuitton Mahina handbags.

Louis Vuitton Mahina Bag

White Designer Purses

White designer purses are also very classy. Just be careful not to spill anything in your expensive bag.

Angelina Jolie with Zahara uses a white Valentino designer bag while Britney Spears is seen wearing her white Versace bags.

White Designer Purses

Chanel Designer Purses

Chanel is another great designer bag to have. The double C Chanel Logo makes it more stylish. Using one of Chanel’s designer purses would make any woman jealous of your bag.

Katherine Heigl goes outdoor with her chain handle Chanel handbag in quilted black leather most of the time.

Chanel Designer Purse

Balenciaga Designer Purses

Celebrities are also spotted using one of Balenciaga’s pretty designer handbags.

Well, for Vanessa Hudgens, her black leather studded Balenciaga bag is one of her favorite.

Balenciaga bag

Burberry Designer Purses

Burberry also offers one of the most stylish handbags ever made. Well, Victoria Beckham just so happen to own one Burberry Manor bag that women would die for.

Burberry designer purse

Fendi Pinstriped Denim Spy Handbag

This bag is decorated in white and blue striped denim for a more casual look. The bag also uses an orange topstitch for more design and color. The signature snap flap closure also makes it very cute.

Sharon Osborne and Nicky Hilton were seen using this trendy designer purse.

Denim Fendi Spy Handbags

Pauric Sweeney Designer Purses

Phyton handbags are the line of Pauric Sweeney’s designer bags. Phyton bags are very lovely and very exquisite.

Lindsay Lohan spotted using her Phyton Handbag on different events.

Phyton Hand bag