Cute Flat Shoes to Try

Flat shoes are very comfortable as opposed to heels. If you’re looking forward to spending a whole day out walking and frolicking around, it would be best for you to wear flat shoes because they’re a lot easier to walk in and they don’t strain your feet as much. There are lots of stylish designs available for flat shoes as well so you don’t have to compromise and sacrifice style for comfort as you can have both. A lot of petite women tend to shy away from flat shoes and gravitate towards heels because the latter makes them look taller. You can look taller with flat shoes too even if you are petite. You just have to know what to wear with them. Here are some cute flat shoes to try:

  • Cap toe flats – cap toe flats are those that have a different color by the tip of the shoe. Most of the time, flats with this style come in a matter body color with a metallic cap toe although there are also designs that feature a matte on matte or metallic on metallic design and many other design combinations. It’s very elegant and chic. it almost has the same look with that of peep toes shoes except that your feet are fully covered.

cap toes flats cap toe

  • Glitter flats – glitter flats are perfect if you want to add a touch of glitz and glam to a plain outfit. There is a wide range of variety to choose from when it comes to glitter flats. You can find glitter flats with chunky glitters and also those with finer glitters. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s  really no need to worry. You can still wear glitter flats by DIYing your very own pair. You can do this to an old pair of flats that you no longer use on a regular basis. It’s a great way to save some bucks and to recycle an old pair of flats.

glitter flats


  • Peep toe flats – if you’re looking for a nice, girly and dainty pair of comfy foot wear that you can use on a warm and humid day, you should definitely go for peep toe flats. Peep toe flats are very stylish and chic to look at and they’re also perfect on warm days as they allow air to circulate around your feet because of the opening by the toes.

peep toe peep toes flats

  • Oxford flats – oxford style shoes are one of the newest design trends when it comes to shoes. This style of shoes is perfect if you want to create a chic and preppy outfit. Some oxford shoes are fully lace up while others are slip ons which are more convenient and easy to wear. Both are very cute with any casual outfit.

oxford oxford shoes

  • Mary Jane flats – give your outfit a cute, school girl vibe by wearing a pair of gorgeous Mary Jane flats. These are the kind of shoes that have straps on them, much like those shoes you used to wear to school when you were younger. The straps also make the shoes more comfortable to wear as it makes them snug and secure.

mary jane flats mary jane