Cute Ideas for DIY Girly Sneakers

Sneakers may not be on top of your list when we talk fashion and glamour but we all know every girl needs one. Sneakers are the perfect alterative if you want to give your precious feet a break from wearing all those sky-high heels. They’re also a great way to complete a casual outfit and helps heaps when you want to just dress down something that you think is too girly.

Most sneakers come in plain colors though there are some that also come with good styles and designs. However, this is not a guarantee that you will like these styles and designs. Some of your outfits may just need a certain special design on girly sneakers to make it complete. If you can’t find the perfect girly sneakers for your outfit, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with these cute ideas for DIY girly sneakers. Read on and take your pick!

  • DIY glitter sneakers – what could be more girly and glamorous than things that shimmer and shine?  Whether you want something that sparkles in the day when you’re out and about or something that would shine at night when you’re partying, glitter sneakers are the perfect choice for comfortable and glamorous casual footwear.

glitter sneakers diygold glitter sneakers

  • DIY galaxy sneakers – galaxy print designs are so cool and out of this world! If you want something to spice up a plain outfit, colorful galaxy sneakers are perfect for you. It can turn a plain white shirt and a pair of jeans into a head turning ensemble. Galaxy sneakers are very easy to do, too. And the materials you’ll need are all probably inside your house already or readily available at any craft store.

galaxy sneakers diy

galaxy sneakers

  • DIY ombre sneakers – ombre is all the rage right now. You’ll see ombre in everything women wear  from shirts to shorts to nails and even hair. Why not take the ombre trend to a whole new level and have them as the design on your girly sneakers? It’s very girly and if you’ve loved doing ombre on everything else, doing it on your shoes should be a piece of cake for you.

ombre sneakers diy

ombre sneakers

  • DIY printed sneakers – if you’ve got a certain design in mind and can’t find them in any store, why not just buy yourself a pair of plain white sneakers and use that as a canvass to paint your own design? Popular printed designs include Aztec prints, cartoon characters and animal prints.

diy aztec sneakersaztec print shoes

  • DIY studded sneakers – add a bit of a rock and roll chick vibe to your outfit by adding studs to your shoes. Studding can be a bit of a work but you also have the option to just use fabric glue or super strong hold glue instead to make it easier.

diy studded sneakersstudded sneakers