Cute Jessica Simpson shoes .

Cute and well made Jessica Simpson shoes. They are so comfortable and made from soft leather.

jessica simpson shoes

Here is my collection of Jessica Simpson shoes I bought, I am really happy  with my purchase and I become real high heel lover with these!

When I buy high heels , they  often become too loose very fast or they seem to be  too tight from the  beginning. Jessica  Simpson heels the most comfortable  shoes I   bought, but they are little too small ,  usually I buy size 8  but this time I bought 8,5  and they fit perfectly.

Ok , lets start!                                                                                                                                                                                 1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Cheetah Platform Pump.


These are very high and platform is really big , which helps to feel comfortable!! I love the colors: sand  color for the shoe and salmon pink for  the heel !  Perfect for the summer and sunny  weather ,  you can pair them with skinny jeans or stiletto dress or pencil skirt  for the super hot look! So classy shoes!They are made from real suede and leather , which  guarantee  that they will not fall apart  after the  first rain!

Actually it is my first pair of Jessica Simpson shoes ,  as i have been happy   i  have decided  to buy some more!

2. Jessica Simpson Women’s Vadio Platform Pump.

I bought pink- blue – light blue pair, but you can choose from a few more colors! This shoe is so cute, perfect for the party or for the sunny weather! Wear them with short shorts, any skirts or dresses; you can match then with so many outfits!  High platform and heel is 5 inches, but they are very stable, compared to stiletto heels. If you are small, then you will definitely get some extra height!

3. Jessica Simpson Women’s Beckery Platform Pump


This is my third pair of Jessica Simpson shoes .I’ve been seduced by these hot shoes, even  you will probably need to walk in your house before to go out. If you are new heel wearer, due to such a  high heel, you can feel a bit uncomfortable for the start!

But I think they are perfect, I especially like camel color, summery style open toes and some empty space in the platform -looks really nice! Pair them with anything , you will look good !

4.Jessica Simpson Women’s Brano Wedge

I bought my  forth  pair   of Jessica Simpson shoes , yeah! Very stylish heels!  Stylish  stiletto shoes are rarely super comfortable, especially if you wear them first time.

jessica simpson camel shoes

If you are beginner  I suggest   to buy platforms , you will gain extra height  without stiletto pain ! You  will love them for the comfort !