Cute Jumpers to Cozy Up In

One of the best things that I really like about winter is being able to wear the cutest, fluffiest and more comfortable jumpers, be it at home or outdoors. Winter time is jumper time and, if you’re like me who loves to cozy up in jumpers, I’m pretty sure you’re excited too! Check out these cute jumpers to cozy up in this winter.

  • FUZZY JUMPER – fuzzy jumpers are super soft and fluffy. They’re perfect for lazy days when you don’t feel like dressing up to the nines and you just want something really easy and cozy. Caring for fuzzy jumpers can be a lot of work, especially when you have a collection of these to wash, so try not to wear one after another on consecutive days if you won’t have the time to wash them afterwards. Improper care might leave your fuzzy jumper being not as soft anymore.

winter white fuzzy sweater white jumper and colorful skirt pink fuzzy jumper

tomato red fuzzy jumper black fuzzy jumper

  • CUTE CAT JUMPER – how adorable is this jumper with the face of a cat on? Some of these cat jumpers even have “meow” embroidered on them sometimes. Thanks to Taylor Swift, cats are quickly becoming the newest pet craze. If you’re looking for a jumper to please your inner cat lady, this is it.

blue cat sweater cat print sweater cat knit sweater black cat face jumper galaxy cat jumper

  • POP ART JUMPER – love comics and all other things pop art? These cute and adorable dorky jumpers might just be what you need to complete your fall and winter wardrobe this year. These jumpers are perfect for adding just the right amount of nerdy cuteness and quirkiness to your look.

cool pop art sweater face pop art jumper pop art gray sweater pop art convo bubbles jumperbam pop art cropped sweater

  • CASHMERE JUMPER – if, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more lux and lush, a cashmere jumper may be the one for you. Cashmere jumpers are perfect for topping off dressier outfits. You can wear these with trousers for a simple and easy work outfit or with jeans for a posh street style look.

pink cashmere jumperblake lively black cashmere sweater simple tan cashmere sweater

  • CROPPED JUMPER – just when we thought the crop top trend couldn’t get any bigger, it comes back this fall and winter but with a more cold weather-friendly twist. If you’re looking for something to give your outfit that street style sexy look, go for a cropped jumper. You can wear this with high waisted jeans or skirt or with a pencil skirt for a more polished finish. You can also create a layered look with this by wearing it on top of a tank top or a shirt for an even warmer outfit.

cropped jumper and pencil skirt lux pink cropped jumper comfy chunky cropped jumper