Cute Leather and Denim Combinations to Try

Mixing and matching different fabrics into one outfit is always a good idea but it’s not always that easy. You have to get just the right amount of texture going on because you don’t want your outfit to be too busy nor too boring. One of the best and most tried and tested combinations that you can always rely on is leather with denim. Together, these two make the perfect casual look with a bit of an edge. Here are some cute leather and denim combinations that you can try out for a look that’s cool and chic.

  • Denim vest and leather leggings – for a street style outfit that you can wear anytime of the day, the combination of a denim vest and leather leggings always makes for a great option. You can wear a plain tee underneath your vest or go all out with the street style vibe and wear a graphic tee underneath. As for the perfect pair of shoes to go with this kind of outfit, anything would do. Polish it a little with a pair of heels or keep the casual feel with flats or sneakers – it’s really up to you.

denim vest and leather leggings stylish vest and leggings outfit

  • Leather jacket and denim shorts – if you think leather isn’t the kind of material you could be wearing in spring time then you’re absolutely mistaken. You can definitely wear leather all year long. it’s just what you would wear it with that would depend on the season. If you’re looking for a way to wear leather this spring, why not try pairing your leather jacket with your favorite pair of sexy denim shorts? It’s cute and it’s the perfect way to bring out your inner rocker chick.

red leather jacket

jacket and shorts for spring

  • Leather jacket and boyfriend jeans – another way to get the rocker chick look this spring is by wearing your leather jacket with a pair of boyfriend jeans. This is a great outfit alternative to the leather jacket and shorts pairing when the spring showers start to pour and you want something that would keep your warmer. You can finish up this outfit with boots to keep your feet warm and dry too.

cool leather jacket edgy boyfriend jeans

  • Leather skirt and chambray shirt – okay, so chambray isn’t exactly denim but if you’re just going for the look, these two items are totally the same. A leather skirt and chambray shirt pairing is ideal if you want to veer away from the ‘rocker chick’ look for a while and just want to look chic and girly. It still has a bit of an edge to it, though, but it doesn’t have a strong masculine vibe as other leather and denim combos.

pleated leather skirt high waisted leather skirt

  • All denim outfit and leather accessories – if you really can’t stand the feel of leather on your skin while the sun is out and shining, don’t worry. There are still ways that you can achieve a cute leather and denim combination. The denim on denim trend is easy to wear and it looks really chic and fabulous. You can create a denim on denim outfit and break the monotony by wearing leather accessories like a belt, a bracelet or even just a purse; easy, light and super trendy for spring.

leather baseball cap denim on denim outfit