Cute Little Fashion Knick Knacks to Give Your Girl Friends on V-Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and while a little something for the boyfriend / the husband is a must, you shouldn’t be forgetting to get your girls a little present, too. After all, they’re one of the many people who give you love when you need it most. If the usual flowers, chocolates and roses aren’t your thing or if you’re simply looking for something more practical (because let’s face it, flowers will dry out, chocolates make you fat and teddy bears… well, they would’ve been nicer back in your high school years), check out these cute little fashion knick knacks to give to your girl friends on V-day.

  • PERSONALIZED JEWELRY – because who doesn’t love them? This is one of the most foolproof gifts that you can get your gal pals on V-day and there are plenty of stores for you to choose from starting with budget-friendly Etsy shops to luxe designer brands. If you have quite a large circle of friends, you can go to websites like Etsy and get them a personalized (often handmade, too) piece of jewelry that they can wear all the time.

personalized bracelet with name personalized monogram name personalized necklace layers

  • FAB PHONE CASE – another easy gift that any girl is sure to love is a phone case. All you need to know is what model their phone is and you can start hunting for the cutest and most chic cases out there. Kate Spade and Cath Kidston, I think, have the cutest and most girly phone cases but if you don’t find anything you like from there, you can also try Forever21 or Zazzle.

phone case summer aztec phone case neon with studs phone case gray with white bow phone case ballerina pearls

  • SASSY STATEMENT SHIRTS – sometimes, only you and your girls can understand each other’s sense of humor so a statement shirt that depicts an inside joke would make a really fun Valentine’s Day gift. You can also get her a statement shirt that says other stuff, maybe even something sassy. Some of my favorites include this ‘Coco Made Me Do It’ and ‘I Woke Up Like This’ shirt that’s super cool and fun.

statement shirt flawless statement shirt coco made me do it statement shirt cats

  • A STYLISH SCARF – it’s something that’s always useful and, if you pick the right one, always in style. If your friend is more of a summer/spring kind of girl, get her a light and colorful one. If she’s more of a fall/winter lass, a nice, warm and chunky one would be really nice.

scarf outfit scarf leopard print scarf earthy colors

  • SNAZZY SUNNIES – a girl can never have too many sunglasses so why not add to your girl friend’s growing collection, right? Not sure what style to get her? Think about that last pair you wore that she told you looked nice or that one pair she showed you at the mall but didn’t get because ‘she already has too many’. Those are sure to wow her. If you can’t remember, you can always turn to the classics: cat eyes, wayfarers and aviators.

sunglasses black and brown sunglasses classic black sunglasses with gold frame