Cute Long curly hairstyles for you

Long Curly hairstyles used to be hard to style and maintain. With the development of mousses, creams, and styling products that make curly hair look better, many women who were born with curly hair learned to love their locks. Heck, some women born with straight hair opted to have curly locks. If you love you twisted tresses, natural or artificial – here are great hair dos that you can try out.

cute long curly hairstyle
cute long curly hairstyle

Let your tresses be!


Beautiful natural curly hairstyle.

natural  curly black hair


For the best laidback look, the key is to let your hair hang loose. This relaxed, devil-may-care hairdo is the easiest thing to do, and apparently it is one of the greatest curly hairstyles that can make you look like a bombshell with no effort at all. The key is to blow dry your hair carefully in order to make tantalizing tress twists that your man can’t stop staring at.

Get your hair over the top

If you aren’t afraid in taking risks and looking unique, then going for a retro, high-volume hairstyle is the look you have been looking for. The key in achieving the Old Hollywood look is spray net – lots of it.

retro updo

If you have time to prep your hair, then this glamorous hairstyle is perfect to wear on a formal occasion with family or friends.

retro curls

Add side-swept bangs to your hair

Rihanna curly hairstyle

Having side-swept bangs is a great way to make your hair look more stylish. With curly hair, side-swept bangs are expected because you won’t be able to grow out straight bangs anyway. This look is very easy to manage and pull out. After washing your hair, blow-dry them carefully to get them into position. All you just need is a few brushes and you can have picture-perfect bangs in no time.

medium layered curly hairstyle

Clip your locks in a beautiful barrette – another cute  curly hairstyle you can do without effort.

If you wake up and you are running late, you might not have enough time to style your hair as you would have wanted to. The quickest solution to make your hair beautiful even if you’re behind the train schedule is to clip a cute barrette on one side.

 curly side bun

Keep your locks out of the way

curly ponytail

If you’re headed out for a gym session or a yoga class with friends, then your curly hair will surely get in the way of your workout. To keep your twisted tresses out of your eyes, keep them nice and neat in a ponytail or a bun.

If you have curly hair, you don’t have to worry about looking drab with your bouncy tresses. With these styles, you will never run out of great looks from day in to day out.

Beautiful Long curly hair

long curly hair

Updo for curly hair.

Curly hair up do

Long curly hairstyles is truly amazing!