Cute Looks You Can Sport with Stylish Blazers

Blazers are such a versatile piece of clothing. When worn with different clothes underneath, blazers can  help you achieve different looks as well. There are lots of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to blazers. There are those that can polish up a look and there are also certain styles that can help you achieve a more casual and laidback look. Here are just some of the different looks you can sport with stylish blazers.

  • Business casual – achieve a business casual look by wearing a button down shirt underneath a structured blazer. This is perfect if you want to get the look of a tuxedo suit without having to worry about being too masculine.

business casual blazerbusiness casual look

  • Street smart – just because you’re spending the day out in the streets does not mean you have to look like everyone else. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by looking stylishly street smart. Wear your favorite blazer with a pair of shorts whether denim, cotton, lace or tweed. Heels will make you look very fashionable but flats, trainers or sneakers are more ideal if you plan to walk around for longer periods of time.

street smart blazer

street smart style

  • Corporate chic – looking forward to an upcoming job interview? Make sure you give your potential employer the best first impression by donning on a corporate look but you should also make sure you aren’t overdressed for the job interview. To create the perfect mix between corporate and chic, wear a pencil skirt with a fun print or a bright color and match it with a beautiful blazer.

corporate chiccorpo chic

  • From day to night – if you’ve got your whole day packed with activities and you’ve got a party or a cocktail to go to at night, a blazer might just be your saving grace. Put on your night outfit, no matter how gltzy glammy it is and dress it down with a blazer to make it more appropriate for work. If it’s too short, tights should be able to make it look less racy. Take your blazer off upon reaching the night’s party venue and put it back on before heading home to save you from the chilly night winds.

day to night blazer outfitday to night

  • Polished casual – if you want to achieve a casual look that’s a little bit more lady-like than just jeans and a shirt, simply add a blazer and instantly looked casual and relaxed but polished at the same time. This is a great outfit idea for going out on a lunch date with friends. It’s also a very convenient and easy go-to outfit for traveling.

blazer and jeansblazer casual polished

blazer outfit idea

blazer outfit