Cute Sport Outfit Ideas

A lot of people have this notion that women in general are not into sports which is absolutely wrong. A lot of women love sports and there is a good number of us who excel in various different fields of sports. Regardless of whether or not you like sports or are into sports, you can’t deny the fact that sometimes we want to dress up in cute sporty outfits. Sporty outfits are very cool and fun. They’re perfect for when you’re running errands and they’re also great pre-and post workout or anytime you just feel like you want to look sporty. Here are some cute sporty outfit ideas that you can try:

  • A baseball cap with a casual outfit – make any ordinary casual outfit look sporty simply by wearing a baseball cap with it. You can wear your favorite team’s baseball cap but in case you don’t have a favorite team you can always wear a plain one or one that has another design. There are also glittered baseball caps if you want something that’s girly and sporty at the same time.

baseball cap outfit baseball cap

  • Sports jersey dress and heels – another cute way to combine a sporty look with your girly style is by wearing an oversized sports jersey dress with heels. This look is very laidback, relaxed and casual and you can wear it any day when you don’t feel like dressing up to the nines. You can also wear it with rubber shoes if that’s more comfortable for you.

jersey oversized

jersey white dress

  • Hoodie, jeans or shorts and rubber shoes – this outfit combination is one of the most common and most popular when it comes to dressing up in a sporty way. It’s also very casual so it’s perfect for any day. This is very easy to pull off so anyone can try this outfit combination.

hoodie outfit hoodie cropped

  • Track suits – track suits always have that ‘post workout’ look even when you did not really work out the whole day at all. Wearing track suits are perfect for running errands because you could just throw them on top of whatever you’re wearing and go. You can wear them with rubber shoes if you want an athletic look or with flip flops if you’re about to go run errands in them real quick. Celebrities also like wearing track suits when they go for early morning walks and when they run their errands on a lazy day.

track suit neon track suit

  • Varsity jackets –what could be sportier than a full on sports uniform? Why, a varsity jacket of course. This is what college and high school athletes wear on top of their uniforms before a game and you can get the same sporty look by wearing it on top of any of your favorite outfits, too!

varsity jacket and shorts varsity jacket