Cute Sporty Outfit Ideas for Any Day

A sporty look does not always have to be worn only when you’re playing a legit sport or watching a live game. You can wear a sporty look any time if you feel like it. A sporty outfit does not always need to be a full-on ‘all for this team’ look consisting of every single clothing item embroidered in your favorite team’s name. Sometimes, all you will need to achieve a cute sporty outfit is one or two sporty clothing items that you can blend with the rest of your regular clothes. Here are some cute sporty outfit ideas that you can try:

  • The sexy sport chick – channel a sexy vibe while going for a sporty look by taking an oversize jersey shirt and wearing it as a dress. Ideally, you’ll want a jersey shirt that’s long and big enough to be the loose version of a mini dress. Roll up the sleeve if it restricts comfortable motion for your arms. Wear this outfit with a pair of sexy heels to give it more sass.jersey dress black and goldjersey dress and heels
  • Posh and sporty – if you want to look posh, a pencil skirt will always do wonders for you. The lines on the skirt can hug your curves and show them off. However, if you want a dressed down, sporty way of wearing a pencil skirt, you can pair this with a shirt and sneakers. It’s an unlikely combination but when you actually see it, you’ll be more than convinced that it’s a good one.pencil skirt and sneakers
    dress down pencil skirt
  • Fresh from the gym – another great excuse to wear those yoga pants that flatter your behind so well. Nothing says ‘fresh from the gym’ than yoga pants and a tank top. This look is super easy to pull off and is perfect for any casual day when you just want to go around town or run errands. It’s also a comfortable but sporty outfit for lounging around. You can wear this look with flip flops, flats or ourfityoga chickyoga crop pants
  • Casual and sporty – this look requires nothing but one piece of accessory to instantly make any outfit look sporty and that one piece would be a baseball cap. It doesn’t matter if your  baseball cap has your favorite team’s name printed on it or if it’s all blinged out, adding a baseball cap to any casual outfit is the perfect combo if you want a casual and sporty look. it’s a perfect way to dress down a dress, cap and ripped jeansbaseball cap and lbdbaseball cap sporty