Cute summer dresses

Summer is a great time to show your toned body in cute summer dresses. These colorful and flirty frocks can make you look very pretty and feminine. If you’re thinking of stocking your closet with cute summer dresses for the season, then here are tips on what to buy and where to buy them.

Great dress styles for summer

White summer frocks.

cute white dress

This basic dress is timeless, and having one means you can wear it every summer for the rest of your life. Halter-style, spaghetti strap and strapless dresses need not be boring, because there are styles which feature ruffles, laces, ribbons, and other girly embellishments.

Vibrant-colored attires.

Cute yellow dress by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham  yellow dress

Nothing screams summer more than a summer dress in a bright, fun color. Yellow, pink, orange, and navy blue are just some of the hues that you can rock this summer season.

Striped outfits.

striped dress Miranda Kerr

Stripes are reminiscent of the navy, and the navy is reminiscent of the seas, which are of course, equivalent to summer! If you’re very thin, you can create the illusion of more curves by purchasing cute summer dresses with horizontal lines. But if you want to look taller and slimmer, then go for a dress with vertical stripes.

Floral dresses.

Jessica Alba wears open shoulders white and pink floral dress

Jessica Alba pink floral dress

This is perhaps the favorite design of women looking for cute summer dresses. Flowers in frocks make you look fresh, pretty and ethereal. Opt for a strapless, spaghetti strap or halter-style dress and pair it with cute thongs or wedge sandals for a beautiful look.

Cute Maxi dresses.

maxi dresses celebs

If you don’t have enough time to shave your legs, then this cute summer dress is what you need to rescue you for a spontaneous trip to the beach. A maxi dress can conceal your tummy and wide hips if you choose an empire-top style frock, while a cinched-waist maxi dress can accentuate your small waist.

Cute Boho dresses for  summer

cute boho dresses for summer


Dress shirts

beige dress shirt

T-shirt dress

Tricia Halfer t-shirt dress

Where to buy cute  cheap  summer dresses?

Almost all boutiques stock up on cute summer dresses before the arrival of the beach season.

For a youthful look without the steep price, head to Forever 21 ( where cute summer dresses cost as low as $12. Choices range from flirty dresses to frocks which can be used for night beach parties.

Gap ( features a wide variety of cute summer dresses, ranging from monochromatic attires to floral frocks. There are cheap pieces at $18 pop, and moderately-priced dresses at $80 apiece.

Old Navy ( also delivers classic summer dresses ranging from $18-$40. While the styles will appeal more to young professionals and adults, there are some cute summer dresses which can work with teenagers as well.