Cute Ways to Wear a Bandeau

Bandeaus are great for spring and summer. You’ll see them almost everywhere and anywhere there are fashionistas walking about. Bandeaus are very versatile. You can wear it on its own or you could also mix and match it with other pieces if you’re doing layers on your outfit. It’s lightweight and super easy to wear so it makes a great layering piece. There are also many different style of bandeaus and each style can help you create various stylish looks. Take a look at our list of cute ways to wear a bandeau and tell us how you like wearing yours in the comments below!

  • As a cami substitute – got a cute top with a deep plunging neckline or those muscle tees with insanely large arm holes and want something sexier than a cami to wear underneath? A bandeau provides great coverage, assuring you that your girls are well taken care of, yet it has such a sexy look to it that it makes any outfit instantly hotter. Use a bandeau anytime you need something cute and sexier to replace your camisole, they both get the job done but bandeaus are just so much more stylish and cute.

lace bandeau as cami muscle tee and bandeau

  • On its own with shorts – planning to hit the beach? Or maybe you’re going to the second half of the Coachella fest this weekend? One cute outfit idea that you can totally rock under the sun’s scorching heat while at these places is a bandeau and shorts. It’s simple and straightforward yet super chic and sexy. Go for a bandeau with pretty details on it like prints or beads or sequins so that your outfit doesn’t look too boring. If you like wearing plain bandeaus, though, just make sure you don’t forget to complete your look with fab accessories.

sexy bandeau and short

white bandeau and zebra shorts

  • Bow bandeau – here’s a really cute bandeau style that you can totally wear on its own without needing anything else to make your outfit interesting: a bow bandeau. They’re super girly and they’re really unique and while you can always buy them from the malls, you don’t have to if you’re on a strict budget because you can totally make them yourself!

cute bow bandeau pink bow bandeau and skirt

  • With a maxi skirt – another bandeau outfit idea that you can recreate this spring and summer is a bandeau top with a maxi skirt. It’s not super racy and revealing but it has just the right amount of the ‘hot and sexy’ factor in it to make you look fab. Wearing a bandeau with a maxi skirt is also a nice way to make the regular Bohemian look more mod.

high slit maxi skirt and bandeau bandeau top and maxi skirt

  • Bikini twist bandeau – bikini twist bandeau tops are really interesting. They look super complicated at first glance but if you look a little more, it’s actually just one whole piece of fabric looped into itself to create a twisted look. They’re a great alternative to the skimpy bikini tops you usually see and they provide great coverage if you’re a little bit more on the busty side.

colorful twisted bandeau metallix twist bandeau

  • Underneath a cardigan or cover up – want to be by the beach but don’t exactly want to get in the water? Wearing a bandeau underneath a light cardigan or a coverup is the perfect outfit if you just want to lounge around and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

bright orange bandeau wide bandeau top and cardigan