Cute Ways to Wear Sequins Everyday

Sequins may not seem like something you could wear everyday just because they add a lot of sparkle and shine to your outfit but when mixed and matched with the right pieces, sequins may just have a spot in your regular day to day outfits. One of the things to remember when wearing sequins on a daily basis is no to wear too much. You don’t want to be known as the walking disco ball or anything by the people you regularly walk past by. Keep it low key and sequins will look tasteful, not tacky, on you. Take a look at these cute ways to wear sequins everyday.

  • Sequined blazer – sequined blazers are great if you’re looking for something that you can wear from day to night. A blazer with subtle sequins for details would be a great addition to your work wardrobe as you can just throw it on top of a simple, neutral outfit and wear to the office and it will easily transition into the night if you want to have a few drinks out with friends. A fully sequined blazer, on the other hand, is great for social events. Wear it on top of your dress or as part of a sexy tuxedo-style ensemble for a super stylish look.

blue sequined blazer rose gold blazer

  • Sequined shorts – add a bit of sparkly glamour to your everyday ordinary street style outfits by wearing a pair of shorts – blinged out with sequins! It’s a fun and cute look you can wear if you just want to add a bit of glam to an outfit for the streets and it totally rocks, too! And while you can always but sequined shorts from malls and boutiques, why spend money when you can make them yourself? All you need are just basic sewing skills, a thread and a needle and a ton of sequins to sew on to an old pair of shorts.

silver shorts with sequins

gold sequined shorts

  • Sequined dress – you’d usually see sequined dresses at parties and other events but if you’re looking for a way to take the fab level of your casual dresses up a notch, then all you gotta do is add sequins to them. Sew on some sequins on strategic areas like the shoulders or the hems of your dresses and see how something so simple as a plain dress can look so chic and fabulous, just with the help of a few handfuls of sequins.

patterned sequin dress sequin dress detail

  • Sequined elbow patches – for a really nice and subtle way to wear sequins and incorporate them into your daily outfits, try out this simple and fun DIY: sequined elbow patches! They’re super casual and it doesn’t add a lot of shimmer or shine to your whole outfit but it’s definitely a nice surprise when the cute little sparkly sequins peek and pop as you turn around or fold your arms. Now you can get cozy and look sassy at the same time.

slouchy sweater elbow patch sequin elbow patch

  • Sequined tank top – another way to add a bit of a bling to your everyday outfits is to wear sequined tank tops. You can wear them on their own or you can also wear it underneath a cute little cardigan, jacket or blazer to make a more interesting outfit.

anchor pattern tank top fully sequined tank top