Different Kinds of Perfect Bags for School or Work

Bags are very important. They not only serve as an accessory that you can wear to complete and complement your outfits, you also use them to carry stuff around comfortably and conveniently when you’re outside. A lot of women like to collect bags because of both its stylishness and functionality. There are lots of different kinds of bags. Some are meant to be used on a day to day basis while others are made and bought specifically for certain special occasions. Bags for school or work are those you can wear every day. This means that they should not only be pretty and cute but should also be strong and sturdy enough to last and endure wear and tear. Here are some of the different kinds of perfect bags for school or work.

  • Athletic bag (school) – this kinds of bag is perfect for school, especially if you’re part of the athletic department and always carry extra clothes for practice and the gym. It’s spacious and roomy enough to hold a couple of sets of clothes and a pair or two of shoes as well as other essentials. This would be the most ideal bag for school if you have to go to PE class.

athletic bag athletic bag outfit

  • Handbag (work) – a handbag is very chic and has a lot of posh styles and designs which makes it perfect for work. This kind of bag has lots of different variants that you can choose from like the very elegant and sophisticated speedy to the more casual style like tote.  Some handbags also come with a longer detachable strap making them a 2-way handbag which is more convenient.


  • Satchel (work and school) – a satchel is a bag that’s almost always rectangular in shape and has double handles. This kind of bag is perfect for both school and work as it can carry a lot of things inside and most design have several compartments that can help keep your things organized.

satchel satchel bag

  • Backpack (school) – backpacks are intended for school use. They’re made to accommodate loads of things and can be used to carry quite a heavy load. This is the reason why it’s worn on both shoulders – to distribute the weight of the bag evenly. A backpack is perfect for carrying books and other school things around in a comfortable fashion.

backpackbackpack outfit

  • Shoulder bag (work) – any bag with a strap long enough to be worn comfortably on one shoulder is considered a shoulder bag. A shoulder bag is perfect for work because it’s very easy and convenient to carry. Most shoulder bags are also not too big which is perfect as  you only need a few things for work anyway and most of your stuff stay in the workplace.

shoulder bag

  • Sling bag (work and school) – a sling bag is one of the most easiest types of bag to use. It’s got a strap that’s long enough to be worn across the body which makes both of your hands free. It’s perfect for both school and work, especially when you have to spend the day out in a busy street. You can simply wear a sling bag and not worry about it falling off or anything like that.

sling bag slng bag outfit