Dresses to Hide your Tummy

Girls real dream is not to find her true love, but, to eat without getting fat. But sorry to say, when you eat a lot, BAM! Yes. You will really get fat. But don’t cry over your sorry asses though. There are some dresses that would not show any fat in you, especially your tummy.

Don’t let your tummy fat stop you from going to parties. Here are some tips on dresses that would really look good on you.

dresses to hide your tummyFirst, an A line dress will help to camouflage your tummy, and accentuate your waist. Stripes upward will help you eliminate visually the fat. And always remember colors always matters too. Or try pair a bold shirt with a high waist skirt.

plus size dress

Because you don’t really like your thighs i would suggest look for longer high waist skirts. And wear always dark colors. And don’t go for belts when it comes to dresses, don’t wear belts, you’ll look like santa clause. And the most important thing to remember is, don’t force yourself to wear clothes that won’t fit you.

dress to hide your belly

Basically you want to stay away from anything overly tight, darker straight leg jeans are good and make sure that they fit comfortably, not too tight not too loose.

plus size outfit

You can find some stylish jeans that have a little bit on flare out at the bottom and that slims the way your legs look and wear flare.

red dress

And also dark outfits are slimming, high waist bottoms conceal a belly, avoid bold patterns and colors, vertical stripes help to slim,try a-line skirts, a belt around the waist works too.

slimming dress

Try oversize jewelry, you look smaller in comparison. Wear something that you think is beautiful and makes you feel confidant. If you like wearing skirts and dresses go with that. Something that flows and is not to loose.

dress for plus size

Always have accessories on too. And yeah FLAUNT what you got, if you have big boobs show a little of it so they won’t focus too much in your fats. Don’t wear baggy clothes, they tend to make you look bigger.

orange plus size dress

Dresses that tighten just below your bust with slight flare just above your knees will hide your problem areas and enhance your goods. Try chevron stripes on a suit to slim and also a retro cut (which I personally think is the cutest) .

mettalic plus size dress

I know you used to be thinner, but always buy clothes that fit your size. Dont feel ashamed because everyone can look just as good no matter what size.

pretty dress to hide tummy