Easy To Carry Fashionable Duffel Bags

We must have seen and used many varieties of bags and duffel bags are one among them, if you haven’t used a duffel bag, then you must definitely try one, as its easier to dump your clothes and you can easily carry them with you.

Model Daria carrying a stylish black duffel bag with short handle and detachable long handle

Stylish duffel bag

Duffel bags were initially originated from Belgium, were duffel was a town in Belgium; soldiers used to carry their essential in duffel bag but now it’s almost used by almost everyone. Duffel bags are nothing but cylindrical bag with a zip running at the center along the entire length. Now I can hear some of you say, Oh that Bag! Yes exactly, it’s the same cylindrical bag that you are thinking of.

Alexandra wang coco duffel bags

Alexandra wang coco duffel bags

Duffel bags are available in various colors, sizes, designs and material, as you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Durable leather duffel bags

Brown Leather Duffel Bag

It’s available in nylon material where you can use it to carry your gym clothes or swim suits, but these are of lesser lifetime. The other material that is most popular among duffel bags are “leather”, leather bags are comparatively expensive, and though you cannot carry much stuff like nylon, still its worth the cost as its highly durable and lasts longer than you can think of.


Zebra print duffel bag

Zebra print duffel bag

These bags are easy to carry as you can just flip around your shoulder or hang it to the side, carry, or pull them. Duffel bags are also available in trolley forms with wheels attached to the base, making it easy for you to carry your luggage with ease in airport, railway stations or bus stops, just pack as much as stuff you want and pull them along. It is also available in different handle sizes, and detachable handles too, you can just remove them if you find it inconvenient.


stylish designer  duffel bag

stylish duffel bag

If you are looking towards a bag that is easy to use, easy to pack or just stuff your things, easy to carry, then duffel bags are one of the best options to be considered, if you haven’t used a duffel bag before, just try them and am sure you’ll carry it along for any vacation, gym, picnic or anywhere you wish to carry your belongings.


small sized colorful duffel bags

small sized duffel bags


duffel bag with trolley attachment

duffel bag with trolley


cute kids duffel bag with trolley

cute kids duffel bag trolley