Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid them

Each morning, before we head out the door, our goal is to look amazing so that we can feel amazing all throughout the day as well (or at least to look decent and feel decent on lazy days). We get up, get ready and try to put together an amazing outfit then we face the world with confidence and glee. Well, at least that’s the dream. You may succeed on most days with your mission to look fab but you can’t escape the fact that wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen at some point. Just like what they say, prevention is better than cure so here’s a list of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them. Read it and learn from it. You might need it one day.

  • The Nip Slip – the infamous nip slip makes it to the top of our list just because it’s the most common wardrobe malfunction and is possibly the most embarrassing one as well. Though very popular with celebs and their all-baring red carpet gowns and dresses, the average girl can experience it too. Wearing an ill-fitting tube top or any top with a low neckline and a low cup bra, for example, is something a lot of us do and to be honest, that combination is a nip slip waiting to happen. Luckily, you don’t have to ditch the look altogether. You can simply take preventive measures by using double sided adhesive strips to keep your top from moving around and falling or by using breast petals of adhesive bra cups.

nip slip accident nip nip slip

  • The Push Up Bra Dilemma – for women who need a lot of support for their girls, a push up bra is a real best friend. However, beware of those push up bras that have liquid filled inserts in them. With the wrong move, these inserts can bust and spill gooey, oily substance all over your top and often, this mess is irreversible. Check the inserts when buying a push up bra and make sure they’re not the liquid kind but either foam or silicone instead.

push up push up bra

  • The Camel Toe – it’s a disturbing and disgusting sight and it’s not very lady-like at all to sport a camel toe, no matter what your excuse is. This wardrobe malfunction has doubled, maybe even tripled, in occurrence since the crowning of yoga pants and leggings as fashion staples. this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing yoga pants and leggings, though. Just make sure that the top you wear your yoga pants or leggings with is long enough to cover the crotch area. That is, of course, unless you’re wearing them to the gym, then it’s okay because camel toes are pretty common in there.

cameltoe camel toe camel toe mariah

  • The Marilyn Monroe Skirt – we’ve seen that iconic image of Marilyn Monroe and her skirt being blown by the wind and it’s actually quite cute and sexy but when it happens in real life, you’ll know how embarrassing and humiliating it is for the wind to blow on your skirt, revealing your goodies for the world to see. The solution to this wardrobe malfunction is actually quite simple. Just remember to wear underwear underneath a skirt or a dress all the time. Worried about visible panty lines? Choose seamless underwear to prevent that outlined look on your skirt or dress.

skirt wind skirt