Espadrilles – Fashionable Footwear for Every Season

Once peasant shoes, Espadrilles are now seen as fashionable and comfy footwear. Made of canvas or cotton fabric on the upper part, Espadrilles are famous for their jute rope or rope-like rubber soles. With an extensive range of funky flats to heavenly high heels, Espadrilles is the perfect shoe for women who want to look effortlessly chic all the time.

History of Espadrilles
The Espadrilles were first created in the Pyrenees in the 14th century. Traditional Espadrilles have one-piece vamp cut canvass uppers, all attached to the shoe side’s rope soles. Laces are usually attached at the throat, so the shoe can be secured around the ankle.
Slowly, Espadrilles became renowned in areas such as Basque and Catalonia, where they are favorites during summer and spring. Most Espadrilles nowadays are manufactured in Spain and Bangladesh.

cute espadrilles
Trendy Espadrille styles
Although Espadrilles are offered to both genders, more variations are available for women, making this shoe style a favorite amongst women.

Kate Middleton and Pippa

kate- middleton-pippa  fashion style espadrilles

For those who want to look comfy and fashionable all at the same time, Flat Espadrilles are available.

flat  espadrilles

For those who want to boost their height, wedge or platform Espadrilles is the way to go.
As for the styles of uppers, there are Espadrilles which don the traditional look of attached laces to the throat, so you can tie it up around your ankle. If you find laces troublesome, you can opt for slip-on Espadrilles.

annalynne-mccord-espadrille wedge- miu miu bag
As for the designs, you can choose from closed-toe or open-toe varieties. There are open-back and closed-back styles as well.

espadrilles wedge

celebs espadrilles wedge

Celebrities and Espadrilles
Espadrilles first gained fame when Lauren Bacall wore ankle-laced Espadrilles in the 1948 movie “Key Largo.” Forty years later, the Espadrille craze was revived when Don Johnson wore his jute rope shoe in the show “Miami Vice.”

Kate Bosworth white  flat espadrilles
Even after seven decades when it first burst into the spotlight, Espadrilles continue to be the footwear of choice of many celebrities. Actress Jennifer Garner and Kate Bosworth were seen walking comfortably in Espadrille flats, while actresses Lea Michele and Elizabeth Banks were seen on the red carpet with sky-high Espadrilles.

Because of the immense fame of Espadrilles, even high-end designers have created their own styles. Christian Louboutin’s “Almeria” Espadrilles are favored by trendsetters Megan Fox and Blake Lively, while Stuart

espadrilles megan fox

Weitzman’s “Alex” wedge Espadrille were seen on the feet of actresses Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes.

wedge Espadrille eva mendes , jennifer aniston
No matter what style you choose, or what brand you purchase, Espadrilles is the best shoe for all seasons. If you want to look fashionable and feel comfy all at the same time, then this footwear is for you.