Essential Clothes to Wear On A Cruise

50 years ago, particular dress codes are present for various occasions and places such as the office and in cruise ships. Now, though, offices have enabled dressing down and casual looks are apparently everywhere. Although, there are still particularities, cruise dress codes have slowly followed through. And that’s okay. Anyway, who even wants to spend their wonderful time in a luxurious cruise wearing raggy jeans and t-shirts, right? There are so many things to consider when choosing the clothes you will bring with you. Other than the cruising line’s dress code, you have to take note of the cruise’s itinerary, the weather, the limitations of the number of clothes you can bring.

So for those who are planning to go or will be going, here are some essential clothes to look stylish and stunning on a cruise.

  • Swimwear – This one’s obvious. And when I meant swimwear, I meant a couple of them. You don’t want to wear the same swimwear for the whole cruise, right? It is recommended to bring a one-piece and a bikini. You can slip on a skirt or shorts with the one piece and a cover up for the bikini and you can have your lunch already.

one piece swimsuit

two piece swimsuit

  •  Dresses – It’s great to pack two or three dresses. One casual day dress and two for the night. Try to look for a dress that’s interchangeable or versatile so that you can wear it for any occasion and that it will go well with any type of accessory.


summer dress maxi

white dress

cute cocktail dress

  • Shorts, jeans, slacks – Shorts and jeans can be used during the day while slacks, with a matching dressy blouse, can be worn for a regular dinner night.

lacy shorts

pants loose

wide leg slacks

  • Sandals and comfy shoes – Let’s leave the stilettos at home, okay? For one, it’s not good at the slippery surface of the cruise. For another, it’s extremely difficult to walk on shore excursions and in any activities with stilettos. You might end up hurting yourself. Pack up some pairs of comfortable shoes like trainers. And for a little boost of your height, opt for wedges or kitten heels.



kitten heels

  • Oversized shirt, shirt dresses – You don’t have to waste space for a particular cover up. These are great as an alternative cover up for your swimwear. Also, you can use them inserted underneath a skirt or shorts for day wear. You can also find something that looks a little dressy to pair with a long skirt for regular dinner nights.

oversized shirt

t shirt dress

  • Jewelries – Because you’ll be limiting yourself with the number of clothes you’ll bring, try to pack different kinds of jewelries. Costume jewelry sets for dinner and to go along with your night outfit, bohemian or more casual jewelries during the day. Also, statement necklaces can be perfect for either day or night.

chunky necklace

day jewelry